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    Do not fall in the trap of becoming an anti-establishment person

    I have observed that there are many people who will criticise every Govt which comes to power and start criticising all its deeds and programmes. I think we should see these things in a comparative way as how the present regime is functioning in comparison to the earlier and then only we can reach to some positive and far reaching conclusions. Just to oppose for opposing purpose is not worth and has no meaning. Everything has to be seen in a comparative scale. If we develop a habit of criticising everything without going in its details then what will happen that we will become an anti-establishment person and that stamp will be on us and people will say that such and such person will definitely oppose it so other people will be able to predict our reactions and responses to some action by the Govt. I think we should avoid it happening. What do the members feel?
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    It is the general tendency of the people to criticise the regime whichever is in power. No one compares the two regimes as people do not have so much patience in them. I have seen that many people find the old boss better when they are being banged by the new boss.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An issue is to be considered as an issue only and we should see the merits and demerits of the issue. Then only we will have a meaningful discussion. But it will not happen. We concentrate more on the persons involved more than the issue. This is not a correct attitude and we should go above the persons.
    In our country, many of us are having affiliations to one or the other party. We should blindly go by the party rather than the issue. This is the attitude which is spoiling the whole issue. Whatever I do is not correct to a person who never likes me. Whatever I do is correct to a person who is having a special liking for me.
    Try to understand the issue positively and them come to a conclusion. Never go by apprehensions. Losing one eye is always better than losing two eyes. This concept is to be understood by all of us. No one is ideal. But it is always better to compare the present government and under similar condition what the earlier government did.

    always confident

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    Being critical against governments doesnot give any fruitful outcome to a commonman. He simply thinks about what are the Price of different commodities because his source of income is limited. He has no time to think about what anti establishment is or what pro establishment is. What I observe in my daily life is this reality.
    Those whose voice is heard they should be vocal on speaking truth. Government is a very powerful body. Its authority can't be challenged and can never be underestimated.

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    Nice post from the author as many have become the ardent critic of the government no mater it brings in good policies and reforms because all these years they are habituated to no new thinking and when some thing new is announced they are unable to digest the fact that the reforms or rules are meant for all and they need not express protest for the sake of it. And those who are having the right to criticism at the drop of the hat, must also spell out the suggestion for improvement and that would be called the constructive criticism. Now the farm stir which has entered 15th day clearly proves that it was aimed at to defame the government which offered to bring in far reaching changes in the lives of farmers but the Congress which instigated the stir is now shying away to offer the constructive suggestions there by exposing their ulterior motives.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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