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    A kilo of Potato is almost equal to a kilo of Apple.

    Price of potato has remained at Rs. 50 a kg since past 4 months in Delhi NCR and also in many northern cities. There is no particular reason to explain the high cost of a veggie that is a daily diet for most of North Indians.

    It was expected that once the new crop of potato will hit the market during winters the price will automatically come down, but, that has not happened and this clearly shows some manipulation by the middleman who control the supply chain.

    Petrol price fluctuation is based on international price and also there is huge tax element in it, but, what and who is controlling the price of potato. A kg of Apple can be brought in Rs. 60 a kg and a potato for Rs. 50 a kg.

    Government must understand that middle class people live in a very tight budget and even a few hundred rupee fluctuation in any item be it grocery, vegetables, petrol, or other items throws their budget and life out of control.

    Will this price fluctuation also be controlled through the new farm bills? Just asking, if anyone can enlighten!
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    It should be controlled but don't know if it will be. Yes the price of potato is not coming down from last few months. In our place in Delhi it's 40Rs/kg but one needs to bargain alot with the seller. It's worry some that the price of potato is touching sky similar is the case of onion. Every year the prices go up.

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    Yes, it is true that the cost of daily commodities go on sky rocketing. Potatoes from long duration is costing more than Rs.50 which were previously available for Rs.22-25. Today I bought it for Rs.60. Similarly from long time Onions were costing more than Rs.100 and now at present costing Rs.60. Similarly cooking oil, Toor daal were costing very high at present. Most of the vegetables costing so high at present. Government has to regularize these prices for the sake of common man in this grim economic situation.

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    Potatoes are available at Rs 50/-, it is costlier than regular. Small sized are available at Rs 40/- but apples are a bit more costlier, it Rs.100/- per kilo. After the pandemic the basic food grains and veggies rate has touched the sky. For getting a better immunity we have to eat greens and vegetables but we do not get our salaries paid, then how to manage the purchase even at such high costs. Onions too stays at Rs.60/- per kilo bringing tears in its buyers eyes.
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    The big merchant classes go to the farm and buy potatoes directly from the farmers who cultivate potatoes. Due to this, farmers do not benefit. After this, the big traders deliver the potatoes to retail in their own way. This is why potato prices have increased. Actually, farmers do not benefit much from the increased price of potatoes. All the advantages are from the big traders who dump the potatoes and increase their prices. This year, big traders have made a lot of money from potatoes. Potato prices are high this year. People have to think to buy potatoes. In fact, the farmers are not getting the high price of the crop, instead, the big traders are heating the pockets with the increased price of potato. The increasing price of potatoes, which is considered the king of vegetables, becomes a matter of concern for the class families.
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    Rate of essential commodities are increasing too much but us, the common people can do nothing. Now rate of petrol is Rs 90/- When rate of petrol and diesel goes up it affects price of all commodities too, and add on freight charges is ensued.
    The author has written about rate of potatoes, when new crop of potatoes will come in market rate will come down. In cities rates of essential commodities are very high in contrast with rural areas. I belong to rural area , so rates are much less.

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    We have a very good production of grains and vegetables in our country and for most of the items there is more supply than the demand. If some item is in shortage, Govt gets it imported quickly to control the prices. So, prima facie there should not be abrupt price rise of any commodity. So, the only conspicuous reason could be that some middlemen who have stored a large quantity of potato in their storage warehouses might be manipulating this remotely and selling their stock at a higher price. But they should remember that if Govt takes bold action and gets quick import of this commodity then they will be losing much money as they will be forced to sell their stock at a lower price.
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    For quite huber of years we were bothering about he onion prices as it sometimes climbed to Rs 140 per kg level. Now the potato is behaving straggly and making the housewives jittery in using it more and more in our regular vegetables which are tasty because of the potato only. Why the price of potato is not being controlled is beyond comprehension when our production of potato has not suffered this year.
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    In Hyderabad the vegetables are rates are on the higher side. At the same time fruits are also costly. In Hyderabad, good apples are costing around Rs.100/-. We may get 4 apples that mean an apple is costing around Rs.25/- The potatoes are costing around Rs.50/- per kg.
    Potatoes are very popular and we use very frequently this item to mix in other types of vegetables. Another thing is every family will keep Potatoes as a reserved item. That will help the lady in the house to prepare a dish quickly if any unexpected guest comes to our house in odd times.
    Generally, any item will cost more when it is in short supply. But these potatoes are available and there is no news that this item is not in stock as required. The government has to see that the rate will not go so high as it is a necessary item for almost all middle class and poor families also.

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