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    Strange behaviour of democracy

    Since the abrogation of article 370 and 35A, we witness some strange things going on. Arrests being made of the top former ministers without any formal order. Just forces armour is stationed on the main gate not allowing anyone to come out.
    In a brazen attempt to show people of the country that the former CM and current MP from Kashmir Dr Farooq Obdullah was not arrested on 5 August 2019 when an article 370 was abrogated, the response to a question about this former CM was startling by the top minister that Farooq Abdullah must be enjoying in Mugal Gardens but when Supreme court intervened, Govt accepted to have slapped him with PSA.
    Now the same thing is happening with Former CM PDP's Mebooba Mufti, while trying to come out for election campaign a few days back, forces on the main gate didn't allow her to move out who were unable to produce legal documents for her house detention when she asked. Illegal detentions must stop.
    It's is not for the first time but happening frequently with these people. Such an approach is not good for democracy and it may have bad effects on democratic setup. Today it is these former CM's tomorrow it may be those who are enjoying power right now.
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    When there was a change in any issue there will be protests from opposition parties and some section of the people. To avoid such protests and as a precautionary measure some top leaders will be asked to be in their houses only and they will be house arrested. Generally, no government will announce whom they have arrested to see that unnecessary problems will crop up in society. This type of issues happened in India and other countries also many times. But the government should not hide the facts before the court. That is why the government has given the facts to the court.
    always confident

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    Dr Roa

    Sir, It is not only about hiding who has been detained, but also about the right of a detainee to know the reasons why he or she has been detained and under which section.
    Therefore the govt is bound to reveal all information not only to a detainee but to the public as well to know the reasons for his or her detention.
    If former CM was detained it was her right to know why she was detained but all such rights are curtailed to the top bureaucrat not to speak of sufferings of a common man.

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    More that Mehbooba Mufti tweeted today:
    Security forces have cordoned Matribugh in Shopian & are not allowing people to come out to vote under the pretext of inputs about presence of militants. In a brazen display of power, armed forces are being used to rig this election & favour a particular party

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    Democracy is nothing but rule of the people and by virtue of it the parties which comes to power would take strong actions against those who are defiant to its policies and programs. On the other hand the opposition misuse their position and try to go head strong against the wish and rule of the govt and thus they face the wrath. Reforms and new development would be the agenda for the new government and it expects good support from the opposition. But In India the opposition waste their time on non issues and never highlight the aspirations of the people who elected them to position. Instead of giving constructive criticism with suggestions the opposition try to stall the very progress and reforms therefore proving to be hurdle and thus the govt is forced to act against them through arrests and stooping their movements.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has very correctly mentioned that individual values and rights are to be respected. That is the essence of a democratic system. But this principle was never respected in Kashmir earlier when the Kashmiri Pandits were ousted without their fault and many were denied local citizenship on the pretext of a faulty law which is now scrapped. So all these democratic principles are being recollected now only. Why they were not followed earlier. This is a question which people of India will ask from these leaders who are now under house arrest. So there is history behind everything and if there are some restrictions on them it is because of their earlier conduct and doubt of Govt that they may again mislead the local population and do some agitation and problem for the republic of India. So, the fact is something else and we are only bothering for the fundamental rights as on today forgetting the past history. I think we have to view the things in totality and the background in which they are happening. Personally I feel that these leaders should be treated respectfully and cordially and should not be bullied by anyone as they are going through a healing phase.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The opposition, In this case, Mehbooba Mufti and JKPAGD leaders were not trying to spoil the peace but trying to reach out to people for DDC election campaign which they feel difficult to do due to restrictions. Even the campaign for elections is not allowed to these leaders; If they don't allow them to campaign and contest elections then why authorities do this election drama!


    Sir, right that there have been some injustices to Kashmiri Pandits in the '90s and all those involved should get justice. But for a few criminals who did injustice to Kashmiri Pundits, the entire JK can't be made to suffer. It was as easy for the govt in last 20 years to punish those involved in Pandith exodus as they feel it today but the govt has never been sincere to punish those people because the axe may fell on their own feet! Just as all those who illegally grabbed land under Roshni act for all these years were charged for this illegal land grab Kashmir. But when the govt found it's own beneficiaries illegally involved under this act, they are requesting for reinstating the law as beneficiaries will be affected!
    That is why I brand this democracy so strange in this part of the world that for a common man it is easy to be hoodwinked!

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    You have presented it nicely but remember the progress of the state depends on two main factors - one is the Govt support to it and second is the attitude of the citizens and until unless there is a harmony between the two the state will never progress and who will be losing in this battle is the gullible public. So, public awareness is a very crucial matter and requires a thorough thought and prudence. Kashmir has big potential for tourism, herbs and flora, craft and handiwork etc but all is lying in the shadow of terrorism instigated by other countries and it is unfortunate that some of our people have colluded with those terrorists. We are loosing opportunity to develop when the whole world is galloping ahead in education, business, and technology.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sir, thank you very much for your appreciation. But right now the problems are created from authorities when people are trying to contest DDC elections they are detained and not allowed to campaign. People who once enjoyed the rush of tourism, the business of handicraft, herbs etc in JK now are upset and disappointed at the behaviour of this democracy. Common people are helpless and frustrated at the current status quo, and waiting to see the situation change for good. But authorities seem interested with the current setup- unfair and unreasonable!

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    Umar, I agree with you that the person who is getting detained should know why they were detaining him/ her. At the same time, the government has to see that the innocent citizens of the State should not suffer. They are responsible for safeguarding the people of the state. The person who is getting detained and questioning about democratic rights never remembered these democratic rights and justice when innocent citizens of the State were sent out of the State without any mercy. I know many Kashmiri pandit who left their wealth and assets there and migrated to other parts of the country. At that time these leaders were silent? That is the point always make rounds in the minds of many Kashmiris who can't talk openly.
    But it is the responsibility of the government to see that the leaders who are detained in their house should not be treated badly and they should safeguard the interest of the common man also.

    always confident

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    To the editor of this thread,
    May I know why the link was deleted in response no #717429?

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    When the credentials of the indenting candidates seems to be against the national interest it is right on the part of government to prevent them participating in democratic process.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Kashmir had become a playground for the terrorists and foreign insurgents and the local people have been affected by that so much that their children had been deprived of the progress and development than that of in the other parts of our country. This is a very sad situation and only solution which comes to the mind is that all the people in Kashmir should unite and fight these bad elements with the help of the Govt and only with this united effort we can bring the lost glory back to Kashmir. Even if one person supports these terrorists and insurgent, that is sufficient to ruin the state. We have seen this happening in past and people of Kashmir should awaken to the new realities which have a promise for growth and prosperity for them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Sir, those who have been former CM's and Union Home Minister, you are branding them as anti-nationals now. BJP has been in alliance with these parties in the past and even now an ally of JKNC in Ladakh in LAHDC Which you call as anti-national. If these members are anti-national then why BJP allied with these parties and is now in alliance with NC in Ladakh. If this not a drama then what is. Branding these party leaders as anti-national while begging for the alliance before these leaders in Ladakh is the highest degree of hypocrisy and duplicity.

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    Even symbols of candidates on voting machines are disappearing when a voter comes to cast his or her vote. Fiddling with the voting machines is even more serious. People are not even allowed to choose a candidate of their choice disappearing these symbols is a grave injustice with the people, though I don't expect anything good from this election. Only drama and nothing else.

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