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    Let us prepare for the rather uncertain times ahead

    No one really knows that will happen to the relations between the USA and China when the new President takes over. There are indications that the Democratic party will be a lot different from the Trump era and hence China need not be the big monster that it has been painted to be, in the eyes of the USA. It ought to be remembered that Mr. Biden is not sold on the idea of CAA and the accompanying stuff. The relationship between Mr. Biden and Mr. Modi is likely to be more at a Government-Government level and not at the personal level.

    Economic compulsions might force the USA to develop far better relationships with most of the world and this includes African countries that are unlikely to open up big markets in around a decade from now. In India, the dismantling of the social security net is clearly seen, with contractual employment bound to become the order of the day, even at some managerial levels. The Modi administration is so keen to emphasize the "ease of doing business". even if that means a big smashing of middle-class lifestyles.

    Unless the BJP is voted out of power, this radical style of reform is likely to continue. Mass protests like what is now happening with the farmers are likely to happen more often than never before. We rather become prepared by saving whatever we can to see through the difficult times. And safely pack off our children to the West, where higher education is possible. They can be effective NRIs and still invest in India. After all, most of Kerala's economy revolves around money coming from the Gulf. There is nothing wrong with this policy, as this will offer employment to those who stay back in India.
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    The author has started his thread with how new President will go in relations with China, India and African countries but in next paragraph he jumped upon Modi Government vs on going protest of farmers and he ended his post on investment from NRIs in India.

    How Joe Biden will have foreign policy will come before us in coming days.

    I don't think BJP government can be ousted from centre. People are with them. Recent elections in Hyderabad and Rajasthan Panchayat elections evince to this reality. However, I don't negate displeasure and dissent of people against government on large scale. As far as farmers protest is concerned I see a fatal crack down against protestors. Most probably, farmers will be arrested and imprisoned in stadiums. Lathi charge, teargas and all necessary steps are mostly like to be taken to control this strike. However one thing is sure that image of government has been stigmatised on international level. It is neither good for government nor for the country.I hope that piece will be restored around Delhi and other parts of the country where protest is affecting normal life .

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    AB Sivakumar,

    Please stick to one topic for discussion. Do you want to talk about-
    1. India-US relations
    2. India-China relations
    3. India-US and India-China relations impacting our economy
    4. Current Govt's business policy
    5. Farmers' protest (already there are ongoing threads on it so why bring this up yet again?).

    It is suggested to edit the text and bring clarity to the specific topic to be discussed otherwise we may lock this thread.

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    Madam, what I had indicated is the economic fall out of the international churning. For example, visas for IT professionals to go the USA for work will be far more simplified; when business picks up, that will have a good impact on the Indian economy.

    Let me clarify once again. The better balance of power between USA and China will automatically lead to better relations with the USA. The CAA and the add one to it can have international repurcussions. Hence, we do not know, at this point in time, what will happen.

    Independent of these international developments, I always keep on saying the big economic fall-out of the huge increase in contractual labor, after 2014. The new labor code simply makes it so difficult for the people to go on strikes; this means decreased trade union strength at all levels. These two developments will diminish the purchasing power of the middle class.

    I really do not agree with anyone who goes on praising the economic performance of this Government. Since 2014, there has been a continued decline and the economy is in a shambles. We cannot expect any magic and we will have troubled times when the middle class cannot have any big peace of mind. This is exactly what I would call as terribly uncertain times. When CAA is implemented, the FDI will not come; the international investors are not sold on the agenda of the BJP which is nothing but consolidation of the Hindu vote. Am afraid this will lead to more uncertainty.

    As regards China, we do not have to worry much. The USA will try to play the mediator and stop it's expansionism plans. The economic fall out is likely to be more positive than what it is now. If the Congress is able to identify a good mass leader, Modi's arrogant ways can be controlled. Whether this will happen is a moot question.

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    The topic is too big to be discussed in a small thread like this. The author might have made separate threads on various topics he touched in the thread. How relations between the US and China is related to farmer's protest, as a layman I am not able to understand. I see there is no relation between the two as far as I am concerned.
    I think the author is having very good knowledge about various issues that are happening in the country and around the globe. Mixing them up and writing may not give any correct idea to the reader.
    Modi's policies and his approach towards various problems can be discussed separately and then the reader can appreciate his knowledge. Similarly to the discusses the aspect of the US-China relations and the impact of these relations can be discussed separately so that members like me who don't have much idea about those things can also understand and apprciate.

    always confident

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    Rao Sir, I agree. I shall try to bring up for discussion points related to each of the issues. Perhaps I have stretched the whole thing a lot and that is the reason why you would feel there is some confusion. I will come back with strong facts and arguments.

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