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    Why is there education scarcity in Pakistan?

    Educational facilities are scarce in Pakistan. What's the big reason? How can we improve it and the second question is that why is it that in Pakistan the education syllabus is diverse for all the provinces? Why the government ignores this very first priority?
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    I don't the reasons for poor educational facilities in Pakistan particularly.
    In any country, the education system should be in place and the government should take care of the issues and see that education is imparted to all the students properly. The governments should allocate funds and see that those funds will be utilised properly and people will have good levels of education. If the governments are not taking the required steps to see that the schools and other educational institutes will function healthily. If it is not happening means the government is not sincere in its efforts.
    The parents should also have the responsibility of seeing that their children will get the required education. If the governments are not working properly, the parents should think and see that their wards will be getting the required education. If they also don't care for the education of the children, the children will be not having any chances to get a good education and they can think about their survival only.
    The combined efforts of the parents and teachers only will result in good education and future to the kids who are the citizens of the next era.

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    It depends on the priority of the Govt and definitely if it is given to education then education will be developing in a fast pace. One thing which is very necessary is the uniformity of the syllabus across the country and another equally important thing is that people should understand the importance of education in their lives whether it provided the a job or not. So there should be a match in thinking between the Govt and the public in this respect and in any country then only the education will be a priority. People should demand for it otherwise Govt will also not take it much seriously.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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