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    Do not let the corona epidemic affect the vaccination of children.

    Children have a fixed schedule of vaccines. If vaccination is not done at the right time, then parents are worried. There is a fear among the people due to coronavirus. In such a situation, it is not possible for many people to get vaccinated. But even under this circumstance, parents need not panic. Most vaccines for children can also be administered later.

    In case of emergency, the vaccine can also have an interval of six months. Just the next time you go for vaccination, make the doctor aware of the previous vaccine information and the intervening interval.

    Although it is better to get the vaccines fixed according to the schedule, these days it is more important to protect yourself and your children from coronavirus. Therefore, vaccination in private hospitals should be avoided. You can get these applied later. Vaccines included in government programs can be administered.

    Follow social distancing while going to the hospital. If a vaccine is missed, you can cover it later.
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    That is true. Vaccination to my second granddaughter got delayed due to Pandemic. When we contacted the doctor he advised us not to worry. They can be given after some time gap. Then again we contacted the doctor in October and he started giving the vaccination and completed. One more round is to be given in December 2020. The doctor told me that we can continue the vaccination after some gap also. So as mentioned by the author parents should bot worry and they should take the child to the doctor and complete the vaccination so that the child will be safe.
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    Nowadays, it is more important for us to protect ourselves from coronavirus. As far as children's vaccination is concerned, it can be done later as there would not be a problem. People should consult from doctor vaccine-related matter. Many kinds of vaccine can be given to the child from six months late.

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