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    There is a slight difference between discussion and debate

    How do you differentiate between a discussion and a debate? When does an ordinary conversation become a general discussion and blows up into a heated debate? Share your experience on how this happened to you!

    It often happens to all of us that we are engage ourselves in conversations between our groups but we do not know the extent to which our discussion turns into a debate. After all, why do we start discussing a topic? Because we need the advice of other people on that subject or idea that others agree or disagree with us, yet many times we start to prove ourselves right, and then the debate will start.

    Many times people want to speak a lot, but because of not being able to speak clearly, the whole matter goes awry. But a successful discussion is the same when if you do not understand someone's words then do not be aggressive and be patient. It is very important to maintain moderation from beginning to end of the discussion. Many times you lose your temper during a discussion and the whole matter becomes messed up.

    It is very important to understand this slight difference between discussion and debate. Members, please share your view on this.
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    Superficially discussion and debate appear to be similar but both are different ways of expression of thoughts and views aboit any topic.

    What is understood in general way about them is that discussion is transfer of knowledge, views, thoughts, opinion about a given topic in a healthy way. All the people who participate in a discussion express their views logically and rationally.

    On the other side debate is something different sort of discussion in which all the participants want to win the debate by hook or by crook. They can lie freely, they can hit with harsh comments and words against each other. Politicians are extremely smart liars. They can befool people with their adhominem and fallacious reasoning.

    Debate on TV is sheer waste of time for people who understand importance of time.

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    When we have a view point and others do not agree with it then the debate starts and then very purpose of debate is to win at any cost by giving arguments and counter arguments. The result of the debate is sometimes conclusive and the audience understands the winning person while at times it is non conclusive and does not lead to us anywhere. I am much afraid of inconclusive debates which simply eat out our time without giving any productive output. We should discuss things in an amicable way in a conducive environment and definitely a consensus can be reached between the both sides. Jumping into debate is not a solution.
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    What I feel that when the discussions can be on any subject the debate should be on a single issue and that is dealt with the concerned who would go into the details of pros and cons of the subject. While the discussions go in this site during the GD topic the members deal with the topic from their own angle and append the responses, on the other hand the tv debates on a particular subject is always done with the support and opposing groups and thus the debates would be in high pitch even abusing to the personal level and character assassination. While the discussions may not be conclusive and left to the decision of the moderators the debate on the other hand would be conclusive as the anchor would be exposing and summing up the debates in a most understandable manner and that proves the capability of the journalist.
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    Healthy discussion is always to share the knowledge among the participants so that all the participants will arrive at a common point and the understanding of the issue will be at the same level. Discussion among people should go in a useful way. Everybody will tell their point of view and finally, there will be a common understanding.
    In a debate, participants debate on the issue and the participants will try to drive others with their points and win the debate. Here the participants will try to emphasise their point. The success of a debate more depends on the moderator and the way in which he conducted the debate. A good moderator can see that the debate will go as desired by him.

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