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    Awareness among all of us about human rights is mandatory.

    Human rights are those rights that are essential for the proper development of humans as well as human existence and human personality. Human rights are essential to the development of humans in society where it lives. These human rights have been determined after many efforts and discussions to meet the basic needs of humans.

    10 December is celebrated as Human Rights Day. This day is accepted as a worldwide declaration of human rights and ensures its continued existence and remembrance as a common standard for all nations.

    Of all the rights, the most important for me is the right to education. It is a birthright for everyone to get an education. There are many benefits to getting an education. One who is educated has the power to change his life and also the lives of others.

    Members, you also share your opinion about human rights.
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    Human rights are very important for our day to day living. As mentioned by the author, the right to education is an important right one should have. We should get educated ourselves. Schools, colleges and universities should help the students in getting educated. No one should be denied from acquiring the education they want. This is very important.
    Nobody should misuse the rights given to them. They should use them properly. They should not use their rights in such a way that others will be at inconvenience.

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