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    Why many vendors try to deceive the consumers

    Sometimes back I was needed a plaster for sprain. A pharmacy person gave one with black colour. It was of good use to me. After sometime I went to buy a similar plaster in another pharmacy where I was given in different colour. I asked for a black coloured one. He replied that type has been stopped in supply. I believed and bought what he gave. But it was not of that quality. Later after a gap of two months I went to a medical shop in Madurai for some other medicine where I saw black colour plasters in plenty on the desk. I asked the shop person by telling what I heard through the earlier shop person. She simply showed me that colour plaster also and told both are in market since many decades. She further told me that many vendors prefer to sell the one other than black as it is three rupees more. To make the customers to buy their tactic is to tell like this as the customers would not move to other shop.
    Similarly one of friend doctor prescribed a tonic (noted brand)for my brother's daughter. I enquired in two to three medical shops, I told not available with them. Another medical shop person simply told that the company has stopped the tonic. I rang up my doctor he replied that it is very well in the market. Then I went to another medical shop in outskirt, I got it. Suspectedly I saw the manufacturing and expiry date, it was just two months back manufactured.
    I do not understand why vendors decieving customers like this.
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    It is the sale technique adopted by the shop keepers to improve the sale of the items held in their stock. Most of the shopkeepers tell lie and mislead the customers with misinformation. Like the online suppliers telling that only last two pieces are available. Items sold etc. You should be a regular customer to one Grocery shop, one Medical shop, One stationary shop, One vegetable shop, who will be faithful to you to share the right information about the availability. Else they will guide you to the right shop.
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    These are the business tactics of these shopkeepers. Anyhow they want to sell the product available in their shop if you enter their shop. They will not let you go without purchasing and they know how to make fool their customers. They also sell that alternative product which gives them more profit.
    I never mind if they tell a lie to me because this is what they have to do. However, some of them are honest, they say you no if required product is ñot available in their shop.

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    These business tactics is good for the sprain plaster as it is external use. Oflate, I had been to medical shop to purchase the tablet for my mother-in-law but he gave a tablet from a different company stating that it is the same medicine with different name and different company. The medicine which I enquired was short supply and many do not use that. It was of less dosage, did not support the health issue. Once they had given a different company tablet for Blood pressure and the patient was supported by an answer stating food poison, the case was closed wherein she sufferred in various forms. Be careful when you are buying medicines some combinations lead to allergies, health problems which takes lots of time to overcome.
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    Marketing is the subject matter of demand and supply and the vendors act on the feedback and requirements of the customers. While some have the habit of sensing the probable demand in advance, some act on the spot and procure the items to be sold. The marketing is always a consumer oriented act and constant touch with the customer and their need is the hall mark of marketing and therefore the shop owners try to persuade us to purchase the things which give them most profit. Just now I went to purchase the refined oil and I use the branded one which is of good quality but of late the price has been increased. But the shop owner tried to sell a new brand to which I am not aware about the quality though it is 15 rupees less. I insisted for the brand only and he has to oblige. So marketing is all about allegiance and inducements.
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    Many shopkeepers will mislead the gullible customers like this due to their greed for earning more profit. This is happening with many customers and if they do not cross check it with other shop they will never know the truth. I will like to share a similar incident with me in my locality. This incident happened with me last month when a shopkeeper near my house told me that a particular brand milk which I was regularly buying from his shop had some complaint and they have stopped selling it and offered me a replacement. So, I simply believed him and took the replacement. For some time I used that brand and as it was equally good I did not bother about the replacement made by him. It so happened that one day I went to a nearby market where I found that the particular brand of milk which I was earlier buying was in plenty available there in the shops and was much popular and on enquiring I found that it was of good quality. So, the shopkeepers will do such small tricks with the customer and it is better to cross check them elsewhere.
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    Some businesspeople will never have any ethics. They want to make big profits and gain. In that pursuit, they never feel that what they are doing is not ethical. Many medical shops do these tricks. Every doctor will have an understanding of a medical shop. He will prescribe the medicines that are available in that shop. So the medical shop owner will get some profits and he will share a portion of the profits to the doctor also.
    Another issue is the brands. A company manufactured medicine will be available in that shop and doctor may not prescribe that brand name. But the medical shop person will give you the equivalent medicine which may be costly due to the brand image.
    But a business person should see that the customer is also happy and he should come back again to his shop and he should recommend his shop for some of his friends and relatives. Then more turnover will be there and automatically they will get good profits. But deceiving the customer will never help them in increasing their sales.

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