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    Some schools are running under tuition mafia

    In our town tuition has become indispensable to get good marks in examinations. Those students who are weak in study get good marks if they go to teacher's home for tuition. In our days tuition was not necessary for students. It was their personal matter to avail tuition or not but now it has become obligatory on all students to pay tuition fee to their subject teachers. The situation is so bad that teachers openly warn students that they will deduct their marks if they don't come to their home for tuition. If any student doesn't heed to their warning he is beaten or intimidated or harassed in the class. If any student inform his parents and if they come to school and complain to principal about the teachers who are doing all these coercive activities against their ward, only hollow assurances are given and same ill-treatment is continued in the classroom. If guardian complains again then the principal tells him to take his child away from school to get him admitted in any other school. Last year a student of 9th class was badly harrassed by math teacher His Marks were deducted openly by teacher he was too much mentally disturbed that he jumped from his roof to commit suicide. FIR was lodged against the teacher but the principal settled the matter by paying money.

    Now it has become normal trend in schools, hardly any parent go to complain about forced-tuition. Guardians are mentally prepared to pay almost ?2000 extra on tuition charges.
    I happened to see a teacher's tuition class in which almost two hundred students were sitting. The teacher was sitting on chair and taking down tuition fee in register. A few students told me -'for first thirty minutes teacher collects the money daily and note down in register and remind them by turn if fee has not been paid on time and hardly thirty minutes they are taught'.

    What is the situation in your area?
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    Students learn in schools as well as some teachers take tuitions but not the ways as you have suggested. The number of students is limited between 15-20 students. The fees is minimum of Rs. 500/- per student. It also depends on the financial status of the parent and tuition fee will be concessional for them. This year anyway schools are closed, then I have not witnessed any such harassment from teachers in schools or in tuitions.
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    As the teachers are paid less salaries the schools give permission to teachers to earn extra through the tuition and thus a channel has been formed to induce the dull students parents to take the tuition for the good marks of the children and thus every parent would oblige for this demand. Some teachers are also projecting some students as very dull and average students so that the parents would force for the tuition and thus become the extra income. The teachers have appointed counselors to prevail upon the parents of dull students to have the tuition and everything goes for a cut.
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    These days the salaries of teacher's are not less. They are getting good amounts for salaries. Many teachers are having a second source of income. Taking tuitions to students is one such source of income. Many teachers will have LIC agency on the name of his wife and he will work for that also. Teachers taking tuitions is like government doctors doing private practice. There is no rule that a teacher should no take tuitions and that is an act legally accepted only. If the students feel that they wanted some extra coaching in some subjects, they can go for having tuition. But teachers should not force or insist on the student to come for tuition.
    I have never seen any such kind of teachers who forces students to come and pay for the tuition. It is not correct.
    The students from private schools and colleges need not go for additional tuitions as the institute itself will take care of the student and required coaching will be given. Otherwise, the reputation of their institute will go bad.
    But the government school and college students may have to go for these tuitions as the staff there will not take that much care on each student and see that all will understand the subject.

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