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    Have you ever thought of freeing parents from clutches of your nurturing?

    I came across one college going boy who is now having on line classes and also doing some part time job in a store to earn some money. When I questioned him as to why he is taking risk of coming out as the colleges were not there. For that he responded that how long the parents would nurture us when there are every chance to earn something and thus he started earning through part time job hours and giving money to the parents. Surely every parent would be happy that the boy is not wasting time like others. Have you ever thought of freeing parents from clutches of your nurturing?
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    I salute to that student who has such thoughts and who has such inclination towards the dignity of the work. This is what is required today that the students are to be ousted from the nurturing which has already spoiled a large number of young people in our country. The boy returns home after doing all sort of mischiefs outside ranging from violating traffic to beating an elderly person and we offer him hot snacks and coffee feeling that he is tired after a day's hard work. When the parents would learn to treat their children in a proper way once they are grown up is a question which haunts a thoughtful mind.
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    It is really good that a college student thinking about supporting his parents in earning and seeing that the family will lead a happy life. Many college students feel that they should enjoy their life and their parents have to give whatever money they require. They never think about how much strain their parents will undergo to see that he will be happy and have enough money for education. We should appreciate the boy for his wonderful thought and other students should take him as an example.
    Early morning when we come out we will see many school-going boys who will be distributing newspapers or milk packets. They do that for a couple of hours every day and they will get some money. That will be used for their family or for their education. This is mainly due to the financial constraints their family face.
    Another common observation is many teenage girls will be working as servant maids in the houses and earning money. They may go to school after completing this work.

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