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    Have you tried to become fat to fit in this pandemic?

    As most of the people have now opted for the work from home facility, they are surely missing the gym and body tuning exercises which were possible during work from office and the they used to keep the body fit. Now most of the gym are closed and there is no activities of exercises being carried out in the home as work loads invariably increased and there is even no time to think of other exercises. Have you tried to become fat to fit in this pandemic? What were your exercise tips and how you managed it?
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    It is an obvious fact that many of us who are working and now not going to their workplace and doing the duties online, there is a danger of getting fat until one starts doing some exercises within the four walls of the house. Some people take the alternative path of eating less to maintain the weight but that is not a good solution as that might bring weakness and deficiency in the body which requires a minimum calories per day for its workings well as to make the damaged tissues in the body which is a continuous biologcal process. I understand that it is difficult to do exercises in the home environment especially for them who are habitual of gym environment but we have to inculcate it as there is no other go except it. I have also lost my morning volunteer work in the nearby park which was a source of physical work to me and now I am trying to compensate that by doing some basic exercises like stretching, bending etc but frankly speaking I am not very regular and particular in that and have gained some weight recently. So may be more will power and determination is to be generated to reach the required activity level.
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    True. These days Gyms are closed and nobody is going there. Many people are working from home and old people are staying back in their houses and not even going for a morning walk. All this might have resulted in some increase in the weight of the individual. But I have seen many people are maintaining their weights and not gained any weight. They may be doing some indoor exercises to compensate for the physical exercise they lost due to the pandemic. Another fact is that working from home made the employees forget about the office timings and they are on work always.
    As fas as I am concerned I am walking on the terrace of my house. I am not eating less but I am eating healthy foods and fruits. This made me maintain my weight. So I have not gained or lost my weight during the pandemic.

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