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    Have you ever had a surreal experience?

    Have you ever had any surreal experience, hopefully, you might have had. When we come across such an amazing and unbelievable experience which, normally, seems to be phantasmagoric, all of a sudden materialized effortlessly out of blue.
    Some people have special qualities, an amazing talent which singles them out of the crowd. people love, them, adore them, even worship them whose large fan following always keep on stalking their presence with unrestrained zeal. However, it's not necessary that you must be crazy for them, but the point is that they are inaccessible to common men, however, their embodiment before eyes out of thin air makes you standing transfixed.
    I have had such surreal experience in past when out of thin air some well-known personalities appeared before eyes, which made me completely incommunicado while watching him/her with wide-open eyes.
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    Sometimes some things will happen without our expectations and strange. Such experiences are known as surreal experiences.
    Last week I had a dream in which a function which is to happen in our house on 24th of this month is postponed. When I cam out of my sleep. I remember the dream. On the same day in the evening, we heard a news an old lady died and because of that the function on 5th of this got postponed and as a result, the function which should happen after the postponed function also got postponed. I feel it is a surreal experience for me.
    Many people might have had this type of experiences where the things that are going to happen may be known to us through these happenings.
    Certain things will happen which we can never believe. How they happened is also not known. But they will happen. I know a person who was able to visualise what is going to happen and inform.

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