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    Can surgery be a part of Ayurveda?

    A nationwide strike by doctors led by the IMA has begun in protest of a decision to allow ayurvedic doctors to perform surgery.

    Permission for surgery is a long-term requirement of Ayurvedic doctors. That is where the Ministry of AYUSH took a favorable decision. It is suggested that doctors who have studied modern medicine should give training to ayurvedic doctors. But the IMA says it will not.

    Can surgery be a part of Ayurveda? What is your opinion?
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    Originally ayurveda is followed by sushrutha samhitha. There are many Sanskrit manuals defined medicines and treatment through ayurveda treatment. Operations are called sastra chikitsa which was also in practice in those years. Normally operations are last step of treatment. It is not a new thing in ayurveda.

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    Surgery is the operation of great responsibility in which a patient hand himself over surgeons. What they do with his body and how they go during surgery he doesn't know but a patient has sterling faith in them.

    Now the government has allowed Ayurveda surgeons to operate the patients. But right now ENT is permitted for them. Government has permitted those Ayurveda surgeons who have required qualities. Permission to them doesn't mean that everyone is a surgeon without having proper training.
    Why IMA has strongly opposed this decision of the government, I think they don't want to see the end of their monopoly in surgery.

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    As I understand that Ayurveda in its original form has no surgery prescribed except some old methods of dressing a fractured leg or some primitive things like that. But if today the Ayurvedic colleges teach the students surgery as per the modern medical practices then it is very much possible that the Ayurvedic doctors could do the surgery with ease. Without learning they are not supposed to do it.
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    Though the government wants to encourage Ayurved way of treatment and in the past Indian doctors were successful through their traditional methods. But over the period of time the modern science has brought more believes in the MBBS sect and we have been heavily depending on medicines and surgeries through alopathic way. But the MBBS students are fretting and fuming with decision as the course to complete a full fledged doctors takes too much studies and waste of years, where as an Ayur doctor can be ready in four years. Thus the medical students from all over the country has reason the protest with a unique banner called "No Mixopathy" clearing their intentions to protest in future also. Even the IMA asked the govt to take back the order of Ayur doctor performing risky surgeries on the trusted patients.
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    After doing the 4 years medical course that is MBBS, a person becomes a qualified doctor. He can prescribe the medicines and can do surgery also. Generally a MBBS doctor will go for a 2 years MS course to become an expert surgeon and most of the surgeons have come through that route. Now the Ayurvedic doctor do some other course in which surgery is not a main part. I do not know if the syllabus is now changed for them also and they learn surgery also during their Ayurvedic course. If it is so, then they can also do MS and then practice surgery. Without having basic skills, the surgery which is avery vital part of the modern medicine, cannot be attempted just like that. So there is some big confusion in this and some big misunderstanding that Govt has allowed them to operate on patients just like they allopathic doctors. One has to learn the practical anatomy of the body, ways of operation theatre, ICU and many modern medical gadgets before starting the operation. It is not a child's play.
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    The decision of the Government to allow the postgraduate medical students of Ayurveda to be trained and allowed to operate specified operations are bad. Instead, it can open more medical colleges. In an operation, the preparation of the patient for the operation is important. The medicines to be used are all allopathic. Why should an ayurvedic doctor be involved in a specialisation in which the allopathic doctors are trained? This decision of the Government will put the patients at risk. I do not know whether the Government has other ideas that are not made public.
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    BAMS is a course which teaches Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. So people who are qualified BAMS are treated on par with MBBS. So I don't find anything wrong in an Ayurvedic doctor going for doing in surgery.
    In ancient Ayurveda also the surgery is described and that is called Sastr Chikista. There are some ancient books in which these details were given. But the present-day doctors may not be able to understand those books.
    Actually, an MBBS or BAMS doctor should not go for doing surgeries. Only people who are having specialisation in surgery only should go for surgeries. When we are allowing MBBS doctors to do surgeries we can allow BAMS doctors also.

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    Siddha and Ayurveda are not connected with iron tools used for surgery. They are treated with medicines only. Even a cut will be cured by the application of herbal juices and medicinal pastes. The word 'cut' is not relevant to Siddha and Ayurveda. My great grandfather, grandfather, and uncle were native doctors with Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines. I never heard them talking about any surgery.
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    BAMS course must be dealing both medicine and surgery as it title suggests. The course tenure of BAMS is equivalent to that of MBBS. However, the aspirants having this Aurvedic degree alone should not be allowed to practice surgery unless they have added some degree in the area of surgery. Aspirants having BAMS course should be allowed to take up the post graduation course MS as is extended to MBBS degree holders. Their thorough exposure in the operation will make them familiar with essential concepts required to be implemented in the operation table. If such an effort is taken up by the government, the patients would not remain in the panic stage during the operation table if carried out by such Ayurvedic doctors having undergone through advanced course of surgery.

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    I read a note on the surgery and Ayurveda released by some authority and wish to attach here in this connection.

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