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    Worried on seeing many parents neglect their children

    It is indigestible to see many parents do neglect care on their children nowadays. Especially in the covid period many children are not provided with breakfast in time. In some houses I am seeing as the elders found diabetic, they took only porridge made of cereals or oats and mothers ask the children also to adjust with porridge. In some houses I have seen allowing children to get up from bed after 9 am. Nobody cares what will be situation if school got opened.
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    How they can be so selfish that children are completely neglected by them. These parents should realize what they like to eat is not necessary that their children will also like to eat the same food. It's quite surprising that even mothers are also invloved in such unhealthy activities in homes. If children are offered the same food daily then surely something is wrong in these families .

    But the author should ask this question to these parents "Why they force their children to eat what is prepared for their father, a diabetes patient".

    Most probably, these families must be poor, else no parents can do it. They sacrifice their happiness for the sake of their children, how they can neglect their children.
    Finding faults in others is easy but finding solution for the problems of others is quite difficult for us because practically we are professionals devoid of any feeling of helping needy people. However, some people are so humane that they come forward to help such people before they are asked for help.

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    There are families where they don't have any source of income and they use their kids for earning some money. The people who took these kids on hire will post them at different places and make them beg. The collected money will be taken by the hired people and a small amount will be given to the parents and the kid will not have anything. All these are happening mainly due to poverty and lack of education.
    Another issue is that parents are not that careful about their children. That may not be due to poverty. That may be due to lack of interest or lack of time.
    Parents should always give top priority for their children and they should see that they come up well. The parents should follow good habits so that children will learn from them,

    always confident

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