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    Does it happen with you also?

    I have a habit of checking my contributions or write ups before the submission and most of the times I check them one single time only but sometimes I have to go through them a few times also due to some confusion or thinking that if I myself was not satisfied with it then what is the use of submitting. So all such sorts of thoughts are coming in the mind. On such occasions when I see it a number of times every time I am tempted to make it better and the submission is delayed. I find that there is no limit to perfection and whatever efforts you do even after that while checking you feel to correct it or change it. I avoid such things generally but when it happens it is time consuming. Have you experienced such a thing during your writings? Please share.
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    Editing the writeups is always important and for that one has to read it to find out if there is any error. Before submitting, I also check my articles and at times I check it even after the submission. I use the edit option to make the changes that I feel necessary and once it's done I submit it. It's always better to check the draft before final submission though at times corrections are required. Mostly, I check for spelling and grammatical errors but I do not change any part of the writing to make it even better. I also generally do not try to alter the way the things ae expressed unless I feel it necessary.

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    Yes. It happens. Whenever you go through the content you will be getting some new idea or doubt and we feel we have to modify the content. After doing it four times also fifth time a new doubt comes. That is why somewhere we have to stop and submit the content. Sometimes when we see a small mistake and we want to correct it, we will start reading and again new corrections will appear.
    Even when we write official replies to the letters from the office, after 2 or 3 corrections also we may find another correction. That is why we may have to make 2 or 3 drafts before finalising the issue. Many times I will not look into the content but I will search for spelling and grammar mistakes and during that check, we will find some points where we can improve the content also.

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    Generally I revise for one time only. Sometimes there are some spelling mistakes and wrong use of prepositions and it takes time to correct as we have to go to net to see the correct spelling and usage of the verb and things like that. Sometimes it is a smooth writing and we complete in one go but many times we are stuck at a place and then waste time to rearrange the sentences etc.
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