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    You stick on to the same products or quite often change the companies of products you are buying?

    Monthly we buy so many grocery items, cosmetic items, etc. Usually, we choose various brands according to the quality of the products. At present each and every product is manufactured by so many companies. Sometimes some new companies also introduce the items in a different way. But some 100 years old companies also maintaining high quality even today. Usually, I go with a certain brand of products that suits my budget. Now and then I change certain companies of products to know their quality. I they are not good, I switch back to the old company product. Members, do you stick on to the same company or change if a better option is available?
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    Brand has a big impact on consumer behaviour and once a brand is established in the market then the company has not to be worried about the sales and marketing and only thing they have to bother is maintain quality and make necessary changes which are essential due to the change in the technology. Earlier I was buying as per brand but later I found that many new companies are introducing products in a better fashion and quality and their prices are comparable. So, I started switching to other company products and found some good substitutions for the branded product. By switching to other companies we get a lot of experience about equivalent products and we may be surprised sometimes to find that they are better than the established products. Recently I bought some sweets and other eatables which are introduced by a company in a big way and I found it better than the same thing available in a nearby sweet shop. So we have to experiment and find out the best of the lot. In doing so we may also get a taste of some inferior item in which case we have to go back to the earlier choice.
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    No doubt we are fond of some reputed brands which has been making presence felt since many years but those companies should not take our support for granted and keep on increasing the rates. For example one particular toothpaste is changing the price every month with few rupees hike and that tooth paste spends big ads on tv and news paper and probably it is recovering that ad cost from us. Once I thought as to why not shift to other brands which are equally very good and yet cheaper. Thus shifted to other brand tooth paste and get going. Likewise there was a fixed refined oil usage of one brand and in the recent past they have been revising the price upward which irked me and now started using other brand which is good quality and affordable. So there need not be brand image following and the companies should make note it.
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    I do not run after brand and also dont, feequently, change the product I purchase. I see price and qualities. If product is liked by me or my family we keep it on. However, just for changing taste we can change the prodct we are taking. I don't trust companies, their advertisement, marketing team until I check their product myself. I am reluctant to change.

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    For essential items, I prefer branded items. Over a period of time, it has become a habit. Once habituated, it is not easy to change the brand. Clothes, soaps, toothpaste, razor, and blades. shoes etc. We get used to and follow the brand. The companies also advertise much to keep up their brand image. Even if we change the usual brand, we feel some difference. This brand following is for some people only. Some do not follow any brand.
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    I do not switch to different brands very frequently. The new brands and new makes offer irresistible discounts to create a space for themselves in the market but still, I prefer the products that I am using for a long time. Products like toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, conditioners, detergents, etc are available in multiple options and all the brands have something to offer the consumers. But I refrain from buying different brands depending upon the offers. It is better to use the one that suits you and you are satisfied with its quality. Byt yes, if the product that I am using currently is not giving satisfactory results or causing some problem, then definitely I will try other products.

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    I generally go for the same product which is proved and established and I am habitual of using it for quite some time. Changing the product means hassles of testing it and once it is established then only we can continue to buy it.
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    In our life, that we live only for a few decades, we should not stick to one particular thing/product. We should test, taste and enjoy all the things available to us and that we can afford to buy. If I find something attractive and good, I go for it.
    For.e.g When I go to a restaurant, I try to taste all the varieties of food. Today Hyderabadi Biriyani, tomorrow Ambur Biriyani, dayafter Talapakattu Biriyani and so on. There are countless products to test, taste, and enjoy in life. The time we live may not be sufficient to enjoy all. Not only food items, but also the cosmetics, and dress also.

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    I have the habit of changing the brands and seeing the quality. So whenever a new brand comes I will be trying to purchase that brand and see. Once I see the new company material and if it is on par with the earlier company product, I will compare the rate and go for the cheaper one.
    Especially I will try to use different brands for our daily use soaps, paste, shaving creams etc and see their performance. But some food items I will never try to change the brand. We use Sesame oil ( gingelly oil, Oil made of Til) for cooking. In our village, there is a manufacturer and its product is original and organic. So whenever I go there I will purchase in bulk bring Hyderabad. Like this, for some food products, I stick to the brands.

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