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    "It is difficult to bring relations with China to normalcy" says External Affairs Minister

    In the past, we had not many disputes with China when compared to Pakistan. But at present the situation with China became grim and our army has to concentrate on security with the China border. Mr. Jai Shankar categorically announced in an online international meeting that the relationships with china have worsened now more than at any time in four decades. Why this happened so? Will this all-time tension situation will severely affect our economic situation? Is there any way to overcome this tension situation from both China and Pakistan?
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    India China has never had cordial relations, however, India always tried to have good neighbouring ties with China but China always stabbed on our back. It can never be our friend. Now, officially the government has accepted it. Our Prime Minister as CM and as PM has met with Chinese President more or less 18 times. We were under this impression that bilateral disputes will amicably be settled.

    It reminds me of my teenage era when elderly people used to rebuke us, they would say that 'tail of a dog can not be straight if kept in a pipe for 12 years. You will not mend your ways.'

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    Gone are the days when there was famous slogan Hindi Chini bhai bhai, but now the bitter relation has started and there is no end to it. India has the reason to fume and get distanced from the dragon country that it has the niche to create trouble without any provocation from our side and thus their ulterior motive is made known to us. India cannot have a surgical strike alas Pakistan, but we have made a strategic decision to weaken the country economically and the corona spread from that country has made the world fume and fret against that country and in that case why should there be normal relations be restored. Let China feel hard that everyday and every time may not be conducive to them for asserting their moves and India can also think differently to punish it slowly so that greater feeling of dismal is felt.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    China is an ambitious and expansionist country and all their attempts and efforts are always in that direction. They have a huge manpower and more important is that the manpower is engaged in positive and constructive work increasing the national GDP and production of China and they are ready to export anything at any time at any notice. It is unbelievable but true. They do not have good relations with the surrounding countries except some of them who are getting loans from them to survive. It is impossible to have good relations with China. We can only make our defence robust and then only they will keep quiet. Their history is laced with invading the nearby kingdoms and annexation of Tibet is an example and also an eye opener for us. The irony is that the refugees from Tibet are sitting here in the name of human considerations. It is a dream if we say that we will have friendship with China one day.
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    When there is a will there will be a way. I think the will is lacking. This does not mean that the deliberations should stop. It is a defeatist statement by the Minister of External Affairs. His job is to try and try without losing hope. It is the duty of both parties to see that these differences do not lead to military confrontation. It is in the best interests of the people of both countries. Hope better sense prevails.
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