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    Is it good to sideline China from international business by all other countries?

    China is one of the countries of the world-leading in industrial production, export business from small pins to anything. In business and exports, it is able to outscore even the strongest USA and it became so strong economically. During Covid-19, Mr.Trump announced a business battle with China. Many countries including India banned their Apps. saying the problem of security laps. India also planned to reduce or stop business deals with China. Many countries that are in close relation with the USA are also are taking the same stand as the USA. Is it good to sideline a country because many countries were not able to compete with them? Recently Russia also announced that the USA deviating from the world countries to regroup showing China as a reason and India is forming a part of that group.
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    China has a place on international platforms where its voice is given importance. China has defeated America in trade war. If US tries to mobilize all countries against China to get it sidelined, even then it's not possible, reason is that China invest money in different project in various countries and also China lends money to countries. These countries can not raise their voice against China and Thus, it has expanded business in most of the countries of the world and has a big share in international market too.

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    The trade war between the USA and China started before the pandemic and since the USA has a major role in controlling the word-politics it is trying to form a large group against another powerful nation China. It is no denying that China is producing almost everything in their country and selling them all over the world at a cheap rate, which is not possible for any other country but we all know why the cost of labour is so cheap in China. Another thing is the quality of the products sold by China. Since the price is so cheap I think that's why people do not care much about the quality of the products. We all are aware of the expansionist nature of China and also their aggression to prove their supremacy in Asia. I agree, the USA also has the same nature but the difference between the two countries is governance. In the USA there is democracy but in China, the government always use brute force on people if they talk about democracy. China may be leading at present in terms of producing items at the cheapest rate but in the long run, can they continue doing so with their oppressional tactics?

    The world-politics is somewhat polarised where there are a few powerful nations and they are trying to control the rest. Wherever there is polarisation, the alignment and realignment take place from time to time.


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    What I feel that China should feel the pinch of its over aggressiveness through product promotion and want to capture the world market through pin and piano concept and having sensed the monopoly and getting benefited and having seen the overtures of capturing other nations land for no reason, India made the move to get rid of China on any dependence and thus want to make that dragon country weak through economy. The Galwan valley unilateral attack, the spread of corona virus has brought our country to challenging position and how can we let lose the chance to corner that country which has become the most enemy nation for other countries also as they are more furious for spreading the corona virus across the world. So China cannot be fought with war but weakening through economy would make it bend.
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    It is not good to sideline China or for that matter any country in the world business community. All these days the entire world is using Chinese goods or the services of Chinese companies to produce goods for their requirement. It is now only after we had an altercation in the borders with China, we are trying to avoid everything Chinese. One member has put it rightly that to avoid Cina completely is not possible because they have lots of business connections all over the world and they have invested in many countries. There is no point in confrontationist policies. Whenever a problem arises, one should try to solve them through talks and confront only when it becomes necessary.
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    It is a good proposition but not so easy to execute. China has deep trade roots in many country and it will require making of a consortium type of thing to challenge and tackle China in this matter. China is not only an exporter but is a big importer also and many countries are benefitting by that. They have a huge population and for certain things they look up to other countries. For example India is exporting rice to China. Another thing which is in favour of China and it has an edge over all the other countries is that the people in China alee engaged in production and manufacturing in such a big way that there is no unemployment there. If some beggars and unemployed people are there they are because of the choice and not due to the circumstances. My friend who visited China told me that in China if you give food to a beggar, he will refuse it and ask money. He is already having food. He wants money to go to a Karaoke booth and entertain by singing songs. Economic fighting with China is not so straightforward.
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    It is good to sideline China and improve the share of other country's share in international business. But it may not be an easy proposition to execute and a lot of efforts are required. As a matter of fact, by doing this India will also get benefitted a lot. China is one country where there is no respect for quality and they never believe in business ethics. They deceive their customers very easily. So we should try to sideline them.
    But as on date, it is a very strong country and has a strong industrial base and manufacturing capacity. To stop their progress many other countries has to develop their production capacity. It will be a time taking process. Another aspect of China is their products are cheap. So their products are being purchased by many people who want to purchase the material at a cheaper rate.
    India is having good potential for industrialisation. So our government should encourage foreign companies to come here and start their organisations.

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