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    What are your favorite local sweets?

    We live in different states, different regions, and places in India. We have so many famous local varieties of dishes made that are very popular. In AP especially we make two important and delicious sweets during festive and functions. Bobbatlu is a popular sweet made in our regions with cooked chana daal ground and mixed with sugar. With maida as covering it will be made into a pulka-like shape and fried. Sunni laddu made with roasted urad dal ground powder mixed with ghee and sugar powder. What are your local special sweets?
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    Though Halwa is a famous sweet item in our area, no one makes Halwa at home. Very common home made sweets are - Adhirasam (Rice and gud), Laddu(Channa and Sugar) Susiyam(Moog and gud stuffed), Mundiri Kothu(maida frided with stuffed gud) Kesari (Rava and sugar). Payasam and Sarkarai Pongal are the sweet dishes.
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    While many sweets such as Laddo, Jilebee and Mysore pak are available in almost all the places the eating savories items which are more famous and liked by the children and elders are the chikodi and burralu. While chikodi are the fried items made in rounds and made by Basin and tastes very good and accepted the substitute for curries by the bachelors, who would cook rice, take sambar as parcel and manage the eat with these chikodies. And the burralu are the fingerlings which can fit into the fingers and also used as the alternative to pappad and this savorie is also liked by the children and elders. Since it is made with rice and other ingredients, the taste would be good and dissolves immediately on putting in the mouth and thus little children are fond of this item.
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    I love Besan Ke Laddus and at my house, we often make Besan Laddus which is also known as Magaj Laddus in my area. Anyway, sweets are eaten at every festival, even if there is no festival, people still like to eat them very much. Due to the popularity of sweet food, there are many forms of sweets in this country. Here sweets are made in different forms and in different ways, and each dessert has its own taste which attracts the mind of the people. Apart from this, orange-colored jalebis filled with juices are such a dessert and are found in almost every restaurant and street locality of my city. This dessert is very tasty.
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