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    Own your decisions. Never blame others

    In our professional life or in our personal life we may be getting various problems and we have to solve them. When we have to solve them we have to think about various possible ways and make a decision for the process to be followed. In this process, we may have to consult some of the colleagues or family members. When we approach them they may give some possible ways based on their knowledge and experience. But they may not be knowing all the details of the problem. You are the person who will have all the details about the issue. Hence you should not leave decision making to others. You should take your decisions after considering all the suggestions. If the end result is as you expected it will be OK. But sometime you may not be successful. In such a case take the onus on you and never blame others. You should own your decision.
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    Other than our extremely personal issues, we should always seek opinions, consult and have discussion with others. However, the final decision should be ours only. We should never blame others. Praise them if you are successful, blame yourself if it is a failure.
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    Rightly said by the author that by owning our decisions we are proving to be close confident of the management and boss and the higher up feel that the company or the organization can run without any hassle as the delegating of responsibility is done and by owning responsibility we proved to be sensible and more concerned to the organization and thus nothing goes wrong. And by owning responsibility we proved to the other employees that nothing can be impossible to achieve the success ladder of any organization who has the zeal and urge to move ahead irrespective of any impending challenges.
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    Nobody suggests us if we are not interested to take their suggestions, rather, I would say it's their greatness that they have suggested us, else who cares about our success or failure.

    I agree with the author that we are responsible for our success or failure. We have to decide before following the suggestion of someone whom we asked for a suggestion. It's wrong and unjustified to throw the blame on others for our failure. If we take credit for our success then the same treatment should be in case unsuccess occurs.

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    This is one interesting post by the author. There are some people who have a habit of taking advices from many sources and then take a decision. Some of these people are fickle minded. Their mind jumps from one to other option. Somehow finally they take some decision in the matter but if they fail they start blaming the person who suggested them that option. It is ridiculous. They should not do that. This is not a proper thing to do. Why they should make others responsible for their failures. One can take hundreds of advices or suggestions from the people around but when a final decision is taken the responsibility entirely lies with the person and not on others. We should own our decision because finally we have taken it after weighing so many pros and cons.
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    Many people take advices from their friends and colleagues and get valuable ideas. Based on them and their own prudence they have to take a decision. Whatever be the result of that decision, they have to own it. No one will own our decisions.
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    It is common to put blame on others similar to saying err is human. We can see in most situations that nobody accepts their mistake, they either justify their doing or just pass on the blame on others. It is said in Tamil, ' aada theriyaathavalukku media konalam'. Which means the lady who doesn't know dancing tell the reason as dias is not correct.
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    Life along with it brings many difficulties and failures but a person needs to be strong enough to solve all those problems trying situations and that is possible only when a person is good enough to make decisions. Seeking suggestions from people is fine and there is nothing wrong in it. In fact, it enables a person to understand the problem better and he can be in a better position to solve that problem.
    But the final decision will make difference as it either makes or breaks person, and a person will be responsible for the result of person's decision after seeking opinions from people. A person can't blame those people for his failure. Even in perfidious situation, people should always act rationally and try to settle down the situation by taking right decisions without losing rationality.

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    Pushing the responsibility and shirking from the liability is something a bad trait and one should follow their own intuition and take such works which has the meaning and ultimate goal.
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    It is good that we can discuss our problems to the one whom we feel we are comfortable with but their suggestions may or may not become our decisions. It is to the extent that we feel to receive or refrain from such suggestions based on our problems. Critical thinking skills are very important during such situations. Some people are minting money by giving such suggestions. How far is it worth? I am unsure to come to a conclusion. The most experience would reserve the right to answer.
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