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    Please tell us which is the best SIP in India,based on performance

    Mutual Funds are quite useful as savings instruments. This is because the funds under various streams often give far better returns and the growth schemes, at least as of now, are giving very good returns based on performance.

    However, is a daunting task to identify the best SIP of any Mutual Fund, that has given very handsome returns. Some members would have invested in some schemes starting at just Rs500 per month which is eminently affordable, for most of us.

    Members who have in-depth knowledge of such funds, may please give us details. This will enable us to know about that particular fund in detail.
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    I have invested in the L&T mutual funds for the past three years and being the construction company of par excellence I was paid the monthly interest even during the lock down and that proved that the standing of the company is good even during the adverse time and that kind of investments are fetching and very good. But every mutual fund has to be probed and totally read before making investment because market trends are always not favorable even to the big brands and big companies. However I am of the firm opinion that L&T is ably managed by professionals of part excellence and therefore our parked funds are well utilized with the profitability and therefore this company is almost referred by all the brokers to invest and get benefited. However the final decision on any investments rest with the investor.
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    Mr. ABS,
    Suggest you expand the abbreviations you post at ISC. While writing SIP, you should expand it for us to understand it. If not in the title, but inside the summary, somewhere you should elaborate or expand the abbreviation. Make it a practice.

    SIP - Systematic Investment Plan.

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    This is a simple question but answer is not so easy. Many people are searching the answer of this query in the internet-ocean also but not getting a satisfactory answer. The reason is very simple that the funds are fluctuating in their performance and past performance is not an indication of the future progress of the same MF SIP scheme. They write this disclaimer in the end of their offer document also. So, what can a gullible investor do? One can see the past performance of some of these MF SIP schemes and then select the one which had given a robust return to the investor. The return is to be seen from Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) point of view and not just an annual return. That is one consideration. Another thing is that if someone wants to go in details then one has to see what is the portfolio in which the MF company has invested in that particular scheme and if those are the prospective areas for good business activity in future then one can expect a handsome gain in that particular scheme. MF funds invest in equity and debt instruments and if there is growth there then only they can give good return to the investors. I the market sinks, MF also sinks down miserably. So one can take in account these factors and make a judicious investment. Based on the common data available in internet some of the MF SIP schemes which fared good in the past are Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Regular Growth, Axis Blue Chip Fund, ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Growth, SBI Bluechip Fund Regular Growth etc and it makes sense to invest in them. The line of caution is always the same that past performance is not indicative of future returns. Share market or MF investment is more and less a gambling.
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    There are many funds which are good for SIP. I am giving below the details. You can see further details by going to the concerned websites and then decide.
    1. DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund Growth.
    2. Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U S Opportunities Fund Growth.
    3. Aditya Birla Sun Life Digital India Fund Growth.
    4.ICICI Prudential Technology Fund Growth.
    5. SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund Growth.
    6. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Growth.
    7. Franklin India Technology Fund Growth.
    8. SBI Small Cap Fund Growth.

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