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    Where is the equality?

    We speak a lot about our rights and if there is any incident we try to prove in which section of our constitution has a mention of such rights. Some of the well-known rights which politicians and people in general talk about at random are Right to life, Right to education, gender equality, freedom of speech, etc. If a right is violated anyone can go to the courts for redressal. Our constitution guarantees that everyone is entitled to their rights and there is no place for bias. We all talk about equality. I am sure when we talk about equality we mean equal rights to every citizen of India. While there is right to life for everybody, to maintain life one needs a few things for survival. Food is required and to purchase food one requires money. While a government employee receives all kinds of benefits like pension and medical insurance after their retirement, those who are in private service do not have such benefits if they cannot save a lot of money during their period of service. Even then also they need to pay for their health insurances on a regular basis. While a government employee enjoys all the benefits, the others suffer because of the lack of facilities and it will be even futile to mention the sufferings of poor and downtrodden.

    When the constitution guarantees so many rights to the citizens of the country, who is responsible to uphold those rights? I am sure the reply will be the government and yes the government is looking after the rights of people who served for the government only and not others. Then where is the equality?
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    Over the period of time the vested interests are controlling us and we are not able to consult and decide our own rights for obvious reasons and that may be one of the cause for lack of equality. We know the equality is not there in many issues, but who are we alone to question the authorities who may not listen to our voice at all. And those who are fighting for the equality are pushed, neglected , abused and even eliminated by the vested interest because any protest begins as the new start, and when the protest gains the momentum the crowd would join and the mass movement is guaranteed when more believe and lead the movements. That is the reason being so the strong would always have the upper hand in deciding the policies and programs and see that those who are about to get the equality and subjected to non attendance.
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    Indeed, every citizen is guaranteed of fundamental rights and among them is the right of equality and citing this right of equality you have raised a question why only some people are given government jobs and being government employees they are entitled to some special facilities and benefits like pension which rest all citizens are deprived of. Why? And you want to imply that it is against the right of equality.

    Right of equality doesn't mean that every citizen will be given a government job, rather, it means that every citizen of the country has equal right to get government job if he fulfils the eligibility criteria for getting a government job. There will not be any discrimination between citizens of the country if they are competing for government job and those candidates who have required qualifications will be entitled to this job and based on their performance in examination they will be given the job.

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    In the thread, I have never raised a question on why a government job is not provided to everybody. Neither I have questioned about the selection criteria of jobs in the government sector. I have only raised the issue of inequality and the pension to the government employees is just an example. When there is a right to life for everybody, right to livelihood must be ensured. Don't you think so? After a certain age, people retire because of their inability to carry out the work and when a certain section is getting the benefit because of their association with the government sector why not others? The treatment has to be equal for all the citizens. I only wanted to question if everybody is treated equally in the eyes of law, why the benefits are inequal?


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    Where are right of equality? Why think about a pension, there are many such discrepancies. Two boys passed intermediate with 50%. A person will get admission to a good college where as the other boy don't get. The reason is that they belong to different communities. It is not the choice of the boy to born in a particular community. Right of equality is missing in this case also. As a matter of fact, there is no right to equality in our country.
    Government employees rules and regulations are different whereas private employees rules and regulations are different. There are many things which we can list out where we can say there is no equality anywhere.

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    Equality is just a term. There will always be people who are more equal than others. If there are only two people in the world, then also there will not be any equality among them. This is to be used in general terms only. The rights are there in the Constitution. How many people know what rights they have and even if they know a few of them, are they getting it? Day in and day out, our rights are abused by someone or the other. Even if the persons understand their rights and when they are not getting them, what they can do? The only recourse is to go to the court of law? Is it possible all the time? We have elected Governments to look after our welfare and safeguard our rights. When those in Government deny the rights to you on one pretext or other, what can be done? Society has also a duty to see that everyone enjoys his rightful rights duly discharging their duties. The society itself has become selfish and not bothered about others around them. There may be very few organisations or individuals who may try to care but most of the time their efforts are futile. Equality in words but not in practice.
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