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    Wife may not earn but the purchasing power rest with her

    I had been watching a couple very interestingly when they purchased readymade and sarees as the wife was choosing and even demanding a discount on the purchases made and when the time came for payment, the husband used his payment card liberally without questioning his wife on so exorbitant purchases which amounted to 14000 billing. This proves that though the wife is not the earner wields lots of purchasing power without even realizing the fact that the husband would have other commitments to spend. Do you also support my thinking?
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    Once a man goes to the door of a girl with his relatives and friends and accepts her as his life partner he is no more an owner of what he possesses. He should be mentally prepared before accepting her as his wife that onwards he will have to earn money for her and she will spend and he will simply become a payer. His condition becomes like a titular head of the family. His home, his property, his income, now belong to her.
    And on any turn in life if he decides to separate her, even then she will be entitled to a pension (maintenance) till she is alive.

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    You are wrong. An ideal couple would live in cooperation and would know each other better. A good hubby and wify would share all their current bank balances. Also the wife is the manager of the house. She prepares the budget. Hubby is just like cashier.
    Earlier, I used to say 'Aanukku Penn Adimai' ( Female is slave to male). Now it is changed " Pennukku aanadimai (Male is slave to female). Duniya Ulta Ho Gaya, Mohan.

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    An interesting observation that man has to earn for wife is something to ponder over.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is nothing unusual in it. When a man and his wife go shopping, it is the wife that will be doing most of the selection and bargaining. She may be consulting her husband from time to time but she knows what is needed more than the man. Ultimately she is the person to balance the budget and manage the house with whatever earnings the husband brings home. It is always better for a man to leave shopping matters to his wife instead of trying to interfere.
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    I agree with KVRR. SImply a man will bring the money and put it in the hands of the wife. Now it is she who has to manage the whole show with that money. So it is better to leave the decision of purchasing to her. She knows what is the money available and how to allocate that money for various items. That way it is better if we leave it to them.
    I bring money and give it to my wife and tell her that is what available for the month. Then she will decide the total requirement and do the needful.
    In some families especially in the low-income group, men will spend their earnings on their personal expenses and the whole show is to be managed by the lead. She will work, earn and manage the show. Some times the husband will force the wife to give some money for his expenses also.

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    A girl child is very lovely with her parents. She never leave their parents ever. One day she got married and after marriage she came to parents house with husband. She told her father that,'Daddy, I will take this table top grinder to 'my' house'. Parents astonished over this as she specified her husband's house as 'her' by totally forgetting this house. That is a wife. She has possessiveness over her husband and his people. She,as a wife, as a home administrator, only know what that house and its people want. Shri Kirubananda Variar, a spiritual speaker used to tell that, if a husband goes to market he buys whatever he like but if a wife goes to market she will buy items liked by each house persons simply ignoring herself. I have seen many mothers fed her children and others by starving herself.

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    If the wife happens to spend too much on non relevance things then who is going to face the brunt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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