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    How your computer learning started and progressed?

    Most of us may learn computer courses but so many of us gained basic operating skills. If not we cannot maintain our account in ISC. Somehow we have learned these basic skills because we have a good interest in computer operation. Basically, during my PG time, I learned lower typing and got a certificate. When I joined the profession, at that organization Computer is one of the subjects at that time for students. Computer course is at a very initial level at that time. There used to be a DOS system and some basic operating systems used to be taught at that time. After that in our city, a number of computer coaching centers started. Some coaching centers used to coach basic courses for a very nominal fee. Because of the interest created in my organization, I joined one of the free coaching centers and learned the basics. Later I joined for a certificate course and passed successfully that course. After that windows operating system become popular and I bought my own computer HCL at around Rs.34000 at that time. In the beginning, we used to have a BSNL dialup network and later changed to a broadband connection.
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    In the year 2007 I purchased the desk top computer for 22000, though I did not have any knowledge of it as I am not aware of typing or key positions on the pad. The computer was purchased to help the children for their studies and reference. But I also got into habit of knowing the secrecy and use and thus I used to type words with one finger and very slowly select the words and that was cumbersome late affair. But over the period of time in two years I could able to type little fast when I joined the ISC in 2009 and from then the running matter through this forum helped me to increase the speed and today I can type very fast, flawless , without mistakes and in tandem with asking content and I have also learned about little mechanism as to how to keep the catche clean, how to maintain the damage control moves of the computer and so on.
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    My computer knowledge is very limited. I learned computer operation while working in an Organisation. That organisation arranged a training program for some of the executives of the Organisation and I am one of those selected few. The trainer came to our organisation and taught us how to operate a computer. He told us how to work on a spreadsheet, how a PowerPoint presentation can be made. etc. Then the company gave a desktop. This is in the year 1999. In the same year, I bought a desktop for my house. In the year 2005, the company gave me a laptop. I used my desktop till 2015 and sold it off in 2015. Now I am having a laptop.
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    In the year 1985 when I was working as a lecturer, I had enrolled in a certificate course in Computer Technology at a distance education university, probably Madurai Kamaraj University from Tamilnadu. It was a correspondence course, and I had to submit assignments given from time to time. The course work was completed but I did not attend the examination due to unavoidable circumstances. It was always in the back of my mind and when a computer was allotted to our college, I took charge of it and started practicing.
    This interest made me encourage my nephew to start an internet cafe. There, I used to surf the net in my free time. Thus started my entry into the world of computers and the internet which I enjoy a lot.

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    I learned typing when I was studying in VIIIth standard, I learned typing in Remington typewriter. I learned the basic ASDF :LKJHJ......and left it after three months. Later on, after completing my SSLC, I went to a typewriting institute and learned for 4 months. I could type at a speed for 40 wpm. I did not appear in typing examination. I got a job. That job involved typing. Though not qualified as a typist, I became a perfect typist. Later it helped me to operate computers at good speed. I learned the basics of computer, and used the computer for making slides for instructions. My organization sent me to attend a workshop to learn computer. I picked up windows words, power point, excel etc.

    After my retirement, my daughter gave her desktop to me to watch cinema and listen music. But I used it for working with ISC successfully. I learned a lot. I learned Painting. I use it for transaction of money. I use it for booking air/train/bus tickets from home. Now I am doing online purchases of items from online shoppers. Now I have my own desk top with a JIO modem.

    I cannot live without my desktop and laptop. I don't use my mobile for browsing the net.

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