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    Things of the past now available in different form of packing

    In the past and present, the same things are we buying but in different forms of packing. In my childhood time, we used to get cooking oil either loosely or in metal tins. We used to buy AS Brand gingelly oil in metal tins of 2kg. or 4kg but now plastic sachets. Similarly, Surf detergent powder in tins but now in plastic packings. Colgate toothpaste in a metal tube but now in plastic tube. We don't know about detergent bars in my childhood but clothes are washed with washing soda or Surf. Diary centers used to supply milk in glass bottles but now in plastic sachets. Horlicks used to be sold only in a glass bottle but now in plastic sachets. We don't know about shampoos in my childhood and now they are most widely used. Members, what are your interesting observations of the past as compared to the present.
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    The author made the right observation that over the passage of time the companies felt the need for attractive and at the same time use and throw packing forms and thus zeroed on such packaging which not only induced us to go for more purchase and for the company the cost of making or change over to new form of packing was smooth and going. Handing of goods while transport was the biggest problems for those companies which deals with house hold items and often we have seen in the past that the oil supplied in tins during the past was having the leakages issues and many complaints made the companies to change the strategies. Even the milk which was supplied in bottles faced the adulteration allegations and thus reverted to plastic packaging which cannot be adulterated or mixed with water, so change is the secret of success.
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    Time changes everything, different commodities would be sold in glass bottle or tin, now most of them are sold in plastic bottle/bag/satchel. I still remember tea leaves would be packed in paper box/satchel , now is sold in plastic. People would purchaae potatoes, onions etc in sack but now they buy a few kgs.
    New technology affects all walks of life. New things are introduced to us and we adopt it. We were satisfied to 2G but now 5G is about to spread its wings.

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    There has been a paradigm shift in the packaging materials in the industry and the methods and techniques are further evolving for light and durable packing. Technology is the big enabler in this field. Earlier, about 50 years back, tin and paper were the main packaging materials. We had milk powder in tin containers and soap in paper wrapping. At that time soaps did not melt in water so easily. It required a lot of rubbing before they produced requisite foam for washing. Washing clothes was a difficult task at that time and required skills of varying forms. Tin containers were the prized possessions as we did not throw them and used to keep the edible things. But they did rust often and had to be replaced with the new ones. Cleaning them during Diwali festival was a big job. Today everything is coming packed mainly in plastic or thick cardboard lined with plastic film. Plastic industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds.
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    Packaging plays an important role in attracting the customers. We have seen so much of change in packaging materials and the process of packaging over the past decades. The way we package, I mean dressing, has changed drastically over the years. This is only to make it attractice, give more shelftime, and protect them from damages. Another important consideration is to protect the goods from damage during transportation.
    The containers in which liquids were packaged changed from metal to glass and to platic. Over the past years we have seen many changes in the packaging industry. Recently, a person knoen to me mentioned thast he started selling vegetables by using certain processes. Quality vegetables are purchased from the market. Then they were graded and poor quality removed. Clening, polishing with cloth and packaging them in attractive boxes. This enhanced his business and he gained a special kind of clinteele.

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    During our childhood we had plastic only for putting on the table tops or covering the books and copybooks and most of the containers and other household items in our house were mainly of metallic or wooden origin. Later as plastic entered our lives in a big way there was a deluge of plastic packets and packages everywhere. Today we cannot imagine life without plastic even though it is harmful for environment.
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    Packing is to preserve things and for transportation without any damage. . Invention of plastic is a boon. Plastic is cheaper too. Tin and glass packing materials are costly. Tin would go rusty and glasses might break. Anyway, whether tin or glass or plastic, the manufacturer recovers the cost of it. But for the consumers, preserving is important. Plastic materials hold good in all respects. We all prefer unbreakable substances.
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    Mode of packaging of the different items to be used in our house is definitely attractive and such packaging enhances their saleability. This is the marked difference between the old convention of packaging and the the latest one. Tin being used to preserve oil had the chances of leakage or in some cases, adulteration was possible with some agencies. Hence replacement took place in almost all food and stationary items with the plastics giving an attractive touch in order to augment their selling. The manufacturer have noticed results with the modifications of their packaging materials. Then pouch made from plastics are the convenient medium to take care of milk and other edible products with the minimum additional costs by way of packaging. Replacement of tin, glass materials, jars have resulted in drastic cut of the expense in the area of packaging.

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    In our village, there is a manufacturer of gingelly oil. Our family is purchasing that oil from him almost from the lost 60 to 70 years. When I was a child I used to carry an empty steel tin to that shop and he used to weigh one Kg of oil in that steel tin. There was no packing cost involved in that. But now the same vendor started packing the oil in one-litre plastic bottles and selling and he charges the cost of the bottle separately. But if we go with our tin he will weigh and give you.
    The introduction of plastic covers and sachets made the packing cost less and that is some helping the customer in paying less. This is like old wine in a new bottle.

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