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    Did you feel Congress erred in choosing Manmohan than Pranab Da for PM then?

    Some times the major political decisions would take a beat to the party and Congress has been suffering from the public connect because the party has erred while selecting the candidate to the PM post as it zeroed on Manmohan Singh and not Pranab Da as many inside the party felt that Pranab Mukherjee could have been the best bet and would have kept the party going and not sinking as being felt now. Did you also feel that the Congress erred in choosing Manmohan Sing than Pranab Da for PM then?
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    This is a meaningless topic. What has happened has happened. There is no point in pondering what would have happened if such and such a decision was not taken. Dr, Manmohan Singh was chosen by the Congress party as the Prime Minister and the UPA 1 governance was very good. After five years, the Congress party got lesser seats and had to depend more on the coalition parties. This and the BJP social media propaganda and not allowing the parliament to function for nearly one year by the BJP ultimately brought down the UPA 2 lead by the Congress party. The choice of Congress to elect Mr. Manmohan Singh was a good decision. It was mainly the coalition compulsions that brought down that Government.
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    But there was a great feeling inside the party that Pranab Mukerjee would have sustained party fame.
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    Actually, Manmohan Singh is not the candidate for PM post. Sonia Gandhi is expected to be the PM. But when there is a doubt about the eligibility of her for that post, the party looked for a candidate who will respect and give value to the words and ideas of her. Pranab Mukherjee failed in that criteria and Manmohan passed the test. That is how it happened? This is not my own but read somewhere.
    Now there is no point in discussing what might have happened if Pranab has become the PM. The country might have made good progress or country might have faced many failures. We don't know. All will be imaginary only. There is no time machine to go back into time and change that as we want.
    The reality is Mohanji was PM for 2 times and then they handed over the government to BJP. Now Modi is PM for the second tenure.

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    The Congress party was always under the control of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi at that time. She was the Chairperson of the UPA. In 2004 when the Congress party won the elections surprising all those who predicted a win for the BJP, it was expected that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi would become the Prime Minister. In fact, it was admitted by the then President of India Dr.Kalam, in one of his books, that he was very much surprised when Mrs. Sonia Gandhi approached him with a letter to appoint Mr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister. He also admitted that a letter was already prepared by thePresident's office with the name of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as there were no legal objections to Mrs. Gandhi to become the Prime Minister. They had to prepare a new letter with Mr. MMS's name. There were many views floated at that time against the eligibility of Mrs. Gandhi but they were all dispelled by Dr.Kalam in his book.
    Mr. MMS was the key person to bring economic reforms in our country and changed the economic scenario in our country. There was no one against him when he was appointed the Prime Minister. Now all these views are aired because of Mr. Pranab Mukherji's memoirs published after his death.

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