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    When they blame each other only and never correct themselves

    Children are the most important members of our families. We adore them, we love them, and we care for them more than ourselves. We ignore most of their mischiefs and in fact pamper them much. We always consider them as good and forgive their mistakes, offences, and aggressiveness. So, parents feel that their children are good in all respect. When the children grow up then they start mixing up with other children and acquire traits and habits from each other. It so happens that sometimes they pick some bad things also from each other. But the parents always remark that their children are good and they are picking up bad things from other children. So parents blame other children for that and never accept that their own children also can imbibe bad things in other children. Why this special favour for own children? Will it not pamper them much? What is your opinion?
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    The author has rightly said that it is often seen that parents try to hide the mistakes of their children, perhaps because they want to prove their upbringing right. For most parents, upbringing simply means providing for their children's food, drink and clothing, and everyday needs. In this way, they are freed from their responsibilities but are they able to give good habits and values ??to their children so that they can become self-reliant and responsible. Children's maladies also increase with increasing age. Such as - beating, abusing, obeying elders, etc. Such mistakes should be stopped from childhood so that you don't have to repent later. Children are innocent and sometimes even inadvertently commit mistakes, pampering your child is good but in such a situation, it is necessary for the parents to both learn and teach them to accept the children's mistakes, only then the future of the child will be bright.
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    Parents are too much attached with their children and love them too much and this is a universal fact which all of us will agree. In this blind affection it so happens that no parent will tolerate anything negative about their child but will be happy and easily blame other children. Their own children know this and take advantage and hide their deficiencies behind the wall of emotions. Very few parents will be wise and prudent who are not blind like that.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my father's saying that when ever there was quarrel or tiff between me and friends and I took the complaint that he has over took me and even abused or beaten, he used to first rebuke me as to why I went to that friend who is not good and why should you report the complaint to him. I think he had the point here. Parents normally blame other children who may be at mistake but never try to correct their own children who are actually the cause of the act. No parents would under mean their children in front of others and they always talk of high esteem and good quality within their child, it is the others who must certify as such.
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    The parents have an important role to play to make the children understand what is acceptable and what is not. It is true that every parent love their children very much and at times they do not try to correct their children. Observing the activities of the children and rectifying their behaviour during various occasions is a part of upbringing and when parents fail to do that they try to blame others. Blaming is not a solution though we all blame someone or the other many times. If the children pick up some traits which are not acceptable parents must make the children aware of it and correct their mistakes. If required, they may talk to the companions of their children to make them aware why such things are not acceptable and rectify them. Parents need to remember that children are the future and provide them with a suitable environment to grow up. Children not only learn from their parents but also from others with whom they are in regular touch. Therefore, people who are in regular touch with children also have a role to play to rectify any deficiency observed in those children.

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