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    Big thinking, big knowledge and great success are corelated.

    When success depends on a person's thinking, it is natural that big thinking is necessary for great success. Our brain has a habit of thinking small. It is because of this habit that we often underestimate ourselves and present ourselves to other people. That is, there is a lack of confidence and to see ourselves as inferior. To increase our thinking we have to build confidence in ourselves, we can increase our thinking by speaking, repeating positive words, and sentences with a big mindset.

    Remember, simple knowledge of any field keeps you in the category of ordinary people, but the specific knowledge of anyone area makes you stand out among the category of selected people.
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    True. You are knowledge in a specific area will make you an expert in that particular area. For example, a person who passed B.Sc will have some basic knowledge about 3 subjects say mathematics, physics and chemistry. Then when he finished his postgraduation in one of three subjects he will have some better knowledge about that subject. The same person if he completes his Doctorate in a specific field from the subject he studied in his PG, he will be treated as an expert in that field. Once he puts up some experience in the same field he will become an expert in that field. Many of the technical consultants will be specialists in their area of his experience only.
    We should always analyse our capabilities. We should never underestimate or overestimate our abilities. Once you know your strengths you can be confident and you can think big and attempt big tasks and definitely, we will be successful in those attempts.

    always confident

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