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    The real worship is your feeling and belief in that ultimate power.

    There is only one God who has been called the ultimate power. There is no other God besides this. God is formless, this is the only true truth. Devotion to God means complete devotion to that power and complete faith in God. Endurance comes to the mind of one who has absolute faith in one God. This persistence is the reason for the victory. Whether it is happiness or extreme sorrow, do not lose your faith in it. This will bring solidarity in the five senses within you and increase the strength to penetrate the target. People who change their faith, become weak from within.

    Believe only in 'God', this scattered thinking will give a new direction. And when your thinking starts flowing in only one direction, then it will take the form of perception and then you think about yourself as only good. God will surely fulfill your wish.
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    The destination is one. The paths may be different. Whatever path you follow you are bound to reach the destination, How much time it will take and how comfortably you will reach the destination depends on your confidence and faith in the route you selected for reaching that destination.
    God is only one. You may call him with different names and you may imagine him with different shapes. A person having the name of Hari Gopala Rao may be addressed by some people as Hari, some others may call him Gopal and some others may call him Rao. Ultimately we know that they are addressing the same person.
    So it all depends on your faiths and beliefs. Some times we may not be ending up with the desired results. We should not lose our faith and we should think that whatever happened is good for us. Once you start thinking like that you will have mental satisfaction and happiness.

    always confident

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    I believe in the superpower which is called with various names by people of various religions. I leave all my welfare to this superpower and try to be a good human being. "Be good and do good" is my policy. I believe that "Humanity is Godliness." Whatever may happen I do not lose my faith in the superpower.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Our Guru used to say that God is one though He called in different names as we call a water in different names in different languages but the thing is only one.
    Further, as we cannot do a thing as we planned we should some super power is above us to decide.
    We should believe the existence of God without questioning as we believe a unknown driver of a bus or train or flight before boarding .

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    God is the synonym of ultimate. It is something like the concept of infinite towards which we can proceed but can never reach there. But we will be happy that we are going near it. The concept of God came from the need for a supreme authority who was above all the worldly kings or powers elsewhere in this infinite universe. Once we understand this concept clearly then the corollary follows automatically that nothing is beyond him.
    Whatever religion or life style one follows, the supreme personality of Godhead is directing it and will be going on as per His discretion. This is the support that the real worshippers get in their lives. The fake and frauds will be deprived of this.

    Knowledge is power.

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