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    A new market of yoga is emerging.

    The efforts of native and foreign yogis have been successful in propagating and promoting yoga and people have started understanding the importance of yoga. But nowadays a new market of yoga is emerging.

    Yoga in Western countries has solved all the problems of modern life. The reputation of physical health to mental health has become associated with yoga and thus it has become an important necessity of lifestyle in the world.

    Rather, it is not wrong to say that nowadays, Yoga has become a symbol of status and fashion in the life of people. But many people are only doing business by taking wrongly advantage of these fashions.

    It is very important for the general public to understand that yoga is not only a fashion, but it is important and essential for a healthy life, so for the right practice of yoga, it is necessary to learn in the right direction and from the right people.
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    Yoga is essential only for those who are lazy to work and have no body movements. Especially the rich who don't stain themselves need to practice yoga. A common man need not think about or perform yoga. They remain active from the time they get up from the bed until they go to bed to rest. It is my observation.

    Yes. Yoga has become a marketing business. Many earn through the teaching of Yoga. It is like a subject we learn in school and forget.

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    Good that our desi Yoga has gone international and now many takers who feel relaxed and cool in their life against the mental tension and aggression in life. Yoga takes us to the transcendental position where we forget ourselves and our thoughts and leave to the world of peace and existence without botheration and responsibilities. Yoga exercises not only keep the person body wise, but also sharpen the wisdom to move about and that is great catch many have made in the recent past. Yoga exercises also prevented many from reaching to unwanted food to which either too they were addict and die hard fans. Now they do not eat the junk food and remain as the normal citizen eating homely food and thus they also able to save lots of money in the process. One things is sure Yoga brought peace within and every criminal in jail should practice.
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    There are many institutions in India where Yoga courses are conducted and certificates are provided to the successful students. Some of these students get good job opportunities especially as Yoga instructor in some foreign countries. These educational facilities in India are there since decades and many people have taken benefit of these courses. After becoming the PM of India Mr Modi has done a lot of efforts for its popularisation in India and abroad and due to that the Yoga has emerged as a big business and training proposition and many Indian students who have done these courses have benefited much by that. The thrust given by the present Govt has helped Yoga to attain new heights in the world market.
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    Yoga has become a very good carer option for many of the Indian students and they are getting jobs after doing a course in Yoga or advanced Yoga. There are many Yoga and natural therapy centres in our country in so many places and many of the renowned ones are in Karnataka state itself. Many people were not aware about this but as the present Govt is very keen to promote Yoga so many of us have now come to know more details about it and those who are interested to know about Yoga courses and other information regarding this can find more in this site itself at this particular link.
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    Yoga is a way of life. The practice of yoga helps a person to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the body. Yoga coupled with pranayama enhances the happiness in the life of a person. As the author has rightly put it, yoga solves the ill effects of modern-day lifestyles. A number of yoga centers and gymnasiums are coming up in all the towns. They may be commercial but help the people to keep their body and thus their mind in good health.
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    Yoga now a days is getting more propagated. It's an ages long tradition to keep body fit. Today, one who is expert in yoga excercise can earn a good amount. For some people it has become a trend of the day for them. It's also claimed that it keep a yogi as calm. In our school days we were first introduced to yoga. Yogis would come in school to show their talent, it would inspire students to learn it. Their team would hold special classes fir students too.
    I dont know about it that it has become a fashion in other counrrues also, as the author has written.

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    Yoga is getting very good attention these days and many people are trying to learn and practice these Yoga for maintaining their physical as well as mental health also. So far so good. As mentioned by the author some people are trying to make it as a source of income. Seeing the interest in many people these people charging very high prices for teaching them Yoga. The appliances which are not essential for the practice are shown as essential and trying to sell their products in the market and make profits. This is all due to the innocence of the people and wise people trying to encash the same.
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    Rightly said by the author. Nowadays, people propagating yoga more than earlier. Some people trying to earn money in this way. It has been a traditional exercise. No doubt, yoga is good for the body as well as mind. It gives mental peace which is more required for modern life. So, many yoga centres are being opened up for fitness purpose.

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    It is because of the benefits of Yoga. The author has already mentioned how it is helping people to stay physically and mentally fit and when this is circulated to others they are trying Yoga to experience the benefits. Some are taking advantage of the popularity of Yoga but it has to be seen whether they are spreading any wrong information in the name of Yoga. When people become crazy they do not bother much and only look into the term Yoga. It should not be mixed with going to the gym regularly and one must verify the credentials of the institute and its trainer before going to practice/learn Yoga there.

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    Despite teaching and learning Yoga which help us to remain in good health, we lack behind in sports activities. Having a population of over 1.3 billion, we are yet to prove ourself as healthy Indians in the world. Just think about the number of gold medals or silver medals we receive through olympic games. We learn yoga, but we don't practice yoga.
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