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    What movie in Telugu is as good as Sankarabaranam in the past decade?

    Even without knowing one word of Tamil, a very close friend of mine would watch "Nayagan", the fabulous thriller directed by Manirathiram and one that one the brilliant actor Kamal Hassan the National Award. And without knowing anything but one or two words in Telugu, one of the most respected and musical langauge in Tamil Nadu, I had seen the classic musical movie called "Sankarabaranam". Today, if it is released in a theatre, millions would watch it. It created history in Chennai. It was such a fabulous movie.

    Is there any recent Telugu movie in the same genre? I do not watch many movies in theatres because of Covid. But hopefully, by March, the theatres will be back in action. For some strange reason, one theatre that would regularly screen Telugu movied in Chennai is reportedly not doing so. Most of the old theatres have become shopping malls or big shops today in Chennai.

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    I don't watch Telugu movies. Of course, I watched Sankabharanam with my family when we were in Vizag. It was screened in 'Jagadimika' a big theatre in Vizag. And I cannot forget that film. During a scene, when the heroine's (Manju Bhargavi) mother puts on her golden chain on her neck, my daughter (3 years) watching the film asked my wife to remove her golden chain and put on her neck. She was adamant and started making noise. I had to take her out of the hall to pacify her. An unforgettable event in my life inside a cinema theatre.
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    We can enjoy seeing 'Thyagayya' released in Telugu in the yeah 1946 by then super actor V.Nagayya and another one released in the same name in 1984 with somayajulu's super action.

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    By seeing the posting I remembered my going to that film, Sankarabharanam. I went to that film with my uncle who was very fond of carnatic music. By that time our entering the lights were switched off as the time of picture starting reached. A theater person helped us to find our our seat. I asked him as to know where was our row, as 'entha row mahaanubhaavaa'. By hearing everybody laughed louder.

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    I do not think any movie worth watching after Sankarabaranam which was the classical movie made out of great thoughts by K Vishwanath and ably acted by Somayajulu and Manju Bhargavi. Though movies are made in lots, we cannot find the one which impress the inclusive audience. But I can recommend one movie called Sagara Sangamam in which Kamala Hassan plays journalist and ably supported by Jayaprada and SP Sailaja . And there is a movie called Sitamma Vakitlo sirimalle chetto in which Actor Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu created a good combination of family drama about unemployed youth.
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    The author is interested in watching movies but he soecified this thread to Telugu knowling members. I dont fit here. But this is not correct mnner to specify a thread to a few members.

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    Sir, I do not know if there has been any movie like Sholay in Hindi, which I watched seven times; one does not need to know the language to understand the movie

    Please do note, movies like Sankarabaranam are not made in Hindi. Am interested only in such movies and from whatever some members have mentioned, it is possible to get to see the movies at least in CDs, as the place I live in is very close to the Andhra border.

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    No. Many good movies are released but no movie is as good as Sankarabharanam. A movie which was released without any expectations but created records in the Tollywood. A movie with full of music and value based lives. The movie says chastise is not good for the society. The movie says that there are good people and bad people in all castes. Another message is that never give away your ethics and values for worldly comforts and luxuries. After that another movie from the same director came by name Sagara sangaman. A fantastic movie with a good message.
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