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    Indians are wasting a lot of time than other countries!Do you agree?

    Time is precious and valuable many people will tell this proverb. If that is the case Indians are most time-wasters and not bother about wasting the time for Example if we take the Entertainment field Cricket (which is a favorite game for Indians) here the game is played more than 6 hours in a day if it is one day game. If it is a Test it will be played 7 hours per day and the duration is for 5 days even the shortest format T-20 is played almost 2 and half hours if you considered other sports which other countries are interested in is hardly 90 minutes and other sports are less than 1 hour or just above 1 hour. Currently, the average duration of a Hindi movie is 120-150 minutes, while that of an English movie is 90 minutes. So Indians are most time-wasters in this regard? What is your say?
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    I do not agree with the author. These days people are becoming conscious about time and its management. It is not every day that cricket matches are played. A cricket stadium may accommodate about 60000 people. Most of the people watching those games probably have nothing to do or maybe skipping the office for a day or two. Cinemas also an entertainment medium that runs the shows at specified timings. Most of the people who go to a theatre prefer shows at the night after their working hours. Nowadays most of the people watch cricket or movies at home in their leisure. Probably it may not be as interesting as watching a cricket match live in the stadium and watching a movie in a theatre. I cannot say anything about the other countries as I have never gone outside India.
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    I do not agree on this. India is having a separate culture comparing to other countries. We can see many people in villages seems to be sitting idle. But the work what they do practically cannot compared to city dwellers. Even in roadside a cobbler seems to be sitting idle but he is waiting for a job. A driver found to be sitting idle when his driving is over. We should the responsibility when driving. An advocate was seen that he was reading a sex book, this does not mean that his mind is polluted but in real he read that book fully as to defend his client that the book does not contain vulgarity.
    Many office goers thinking that housewives are wasting time by watching televisions by forgetting their workload which is normally more than a office goer.

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    I think we have to do some serious introspection in this regard. Some of the Indians might be time concious and sincere in utilising it but the majority are time wasters not specifically in cricket but in many useless activities. This is not happening in India only but in so many developing and backward countries.
    It is really unfortunate that many of us do not have an idea of how important this entity 'time' is. The general activity level of the workers in our country is below average. In our workplaces most of the fights and conflicts start at this point only when a person is given some more work and he starts complaining that he has no time and will be then stressed because of work. If you give a new type of work then they will start complaining that they do not know how to do it. So the situation is pathetic. There are people who do not want to learn new skills because if they learn it more work will be on their head. They will like to idle rather than learning new things. Time has no value for them. They want leisure with full salaries. Leisure for idling.

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    How is this conclusion made that we waste time based on a sport and on movies? In fact, these very professions generate lots of employment and provide us a break from our routine. They give us joy, they entertain us. Further, if somebody is spending a lot of hours on enjoying gully cricket or out on the competitive field and if somebody spends a good deal of time in perfecting the art of movie-making isn't it a good thing? Should we cramp our style of doing things and ape what others may be doing? Let's not curb our individuality or enjoyment of things that you seem to consider to be frivolous. You also watch movies and sporting events, including cricket, isn't it? Why are you wasting your time?!
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    #717588 Cricket is played every month Indians are touring a foreign country or a foreign country is touring to India. India vs Australia matches will be completed by Jan 26 from Feb 5 India vs England matches start and even during the student examination period these matches will be played and broadcast in the Televisions. Indian vast fanatical spectators are watching those and spend the times and if Indians won the game or series assuming India is top of the world on all aspects. Indian Premier League two months of calendar fill with this event. Even the same for Movies...Even in the offices also employees used to browse scores or watch these Games.....
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    In Bars, Clubs, and restaurants watching it on a big screen the younger generation waste time by consuming alcohol and spoil their life health and wealth. Bettings also take place...All this stuff will be there along with time wastage.
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    I dont deny that most of us waste our time but not necessarily in watching cricket matches either in stadium or on TV or mobile and wasting our time on watching movies either in cinema hall or TV or mobile. We, mostly, waste our time on mobile and TV. We watch useless debate of news channels and then waste our time in debate everywhere or on social media. Being aware of current affairs or political developments in the country is a different thing.
    It's only a personal matter of people if someone enjoys watching cricket matches, it may be waste of time in my sight but he doesn't think so. The day when he starts thinking that watching cricket matches is sheer waste of time he will stop watching cricket.
    Once I used to play cricket and would enjoy watching matches too but now I have no interest in cricket. It's literally waste of time for me but if someone enjoys cricket, I wouldnot disturb him nor advise him to stop it . I can't watch movies for two or three hours. However, if any movie which is applauded by critics, I watch it. Now someone can say it's also wrong.

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