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    Should foreign countries involve in internal affairs of our country?

    Is it right for the foreign countries to involve and comment on the internal affairs of our country?
    It is seen that a few foreign countries are commenting and supporting the internal affairs of our country, especially the recent farmers strike on farm laws, and Canada supporting the farmers.

    Is it right? Should other countries where most Indians live interfere in the internal affairs of India?Can't they mind their own country's business?
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    That is true. Why some other country should involve in our country internal matters. Let them manage their own country. In our country, we have people to look after all the issues. We have a government and they know what is to be done. If they are not doing there are people to support the people and they will lead the people and they will involve.
    Some countries may try to help the agitators so that there will be unrest in the country and the government has to concentrate on these matters and hence can't concentrate on the developmental activities and the country will not progress.

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    The foreign countries should not interfere in the internal matters of other countries. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau expressed concern over the ongoing protest of the farmers to repeal the Farm Laws enacted by the Government of India. Whatever opinions he may have, he should not interfere in the internal matters of our country and issue statements. This is uncalled for and the Government of India strongly condemned his interference in our internal matters.
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    The word Sovereign is there for an Independent country. If someone has told a suggestion or a view in other countries burning issues is it called an interference?....
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    No, other countries should not interfere in what is happening in our country and it is applicable to everyone. I think, there is a difference between interfering and commenting on a particular issue. Because of the active media and over-active social media throughout the world information is spreading everywhere at a speed one can't imagine. So, a leader of one country may be asked about certain happenings inside another country and suppose if the leader says "I am worried about such and such incidents and I am sure they are capable enough to sort out their internal problems" would you call it interfering? If other countries suggest what is to be done in such cases or how the government should have acted in a situation then it can be termed as interfering with others' affairs which other countries must avoid.

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    Though it is not right for any country to interfere in the internal policies, management and governance of another sovereign country, it happens covertly and overtly.
    The reason are defence and territorial safety, prevention of refugee exodus, commercial interest, interest to have a leadership sympathetic to that country's interests.
    Such interference also happens due to internal pressures arising in that country to. In the case of Canada, there is a sizeable and influential section of Sikh population. This section has political and economical clout and influence there. So it is Canada's political selfish interest to please their domestic Sikh population.
    Apart from this Canada is slowly promoting anti-India interest and pumping funds to nourish anti-India interests.
    Recently there was a report about Canda's IDRC(International Development Research Centre) funding a 'research study' in India and coming out against India's Milk industry. That was clearly an anti-India strategy to hit India's economy- as India is the top Milk producer in the world now.

    India has to be very alert against such outside interests and interferences. They pamper, promote and protect the anti-national interest in this country too.

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    We may not be able to attack those countries who support anti-India protests, but we should be able to tackle them with hard words to keep them away and stop supporting the anti-nationals. We should give a befitting reply to the Canada government who support the anti-farm bill supporters. Canadian Government have nothing to do with Indian Sikh farmers. Let them care their own Sikh population, not India's Sikh farmers.
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    It's wrong to interfere in internal matter of any country but Bhushan has written that India has also interfered in internal matter of some countries. It's better if he justifies his claim.
    Canada is openly supporting farmers' protest and someone has attributed it to vested interest of Canadian government as Sikhs are in good number in Canada and he will get their votes in next electionn in return. It's very much possible from politician.

    I have seen an statement of UN about this protest. I think UN should also not be permitted to interfere in our internal matters.
    Now it's being said that maoist are supporting this strike I can't confirm this heresay. If it's true then government should take stringent action against such people who are adhered to maoist.

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    The farmer's agitation is not an anti-India protest. They have some grievances and as the Government is not listening to them, they are protesting. They have a right to protest. It is for the Government to convince that the laws are actually beneficial to them. Meanwhile, people saying they are anti-national and all other things are not going to help anyone. Such utterances make it difficult to solve the problem.
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    Anyone who is disrespecting our National flag is a anti -national. The protesting, so called farmers who are Sikhs are not protesting but insulting our national flag. How can we tolerate this. When the government is ready to listen to their demands and proposed amendments, why are they not listening and cooperating to come to a peaceful solution, rather than being adamant with repeal of farms laws. While the Haryana farmers are ready for the amendments, Punjab's Sikh farmers are not ready. Why? Because they are rich farmers who can sustain for long without farming. And they are backed by rich countries like Canada, and also Pakistan.
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    There will always be gullible people who believe what is fed to them. Social media nowadays is full of fake news and people very easily fall for it without checking the facts. An old photo of the pro-Khalistan rally in the United Kingdom during August 2013 is now viral on social media. It shows a Sikh man holding his shoe over the Indian national flag. Now, this old picture is making rounds in social media as a Sikh farmer insulting the national flag during their protest. One Mr. Manohar Bharadwaj shared this image on Facebook with a caption "Arrest these traitors immediately. They are (farmers) insulting the national flag by rebelling against the country in the name of the farmers' movement". The Sikh man shown in the viral image is Manmohan Singh Khalsa. He is the founder of the pro-Khalistan group in the U.K. by the name 'Dal Khalsa, UK. The so-called educated also falling prey to such false messages and sharing them on other platforms without checking the veracity. What a pitiable condition? All those who shared such false information on social media and other platforms owe an apology to the agitating farmers.
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    It is true that some foreign countries are taking liberty to poke nose into our Internal affairs but in the case Canada offering support to farmers stir has the compulsion and meaning to that government. Most of the Canada earning comes from the Indians settled there since long years, and during the Kalisthan movement which was started during the Indira Gandhi period has made Canada more strong and famous and many Sardars settled there and Canadian government has to depend on the Indians to be in the power. The sardar community is strong and contributing to the development of Canada and therefore the head of that government need to support the farm stir which is going and strong and heading for decisive move. That is the reason being so even India is silent on the third country interference.
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    Some countries are more bothered for what is happening in other countries and are not taking care of their own internal matters. This is really very strange. We should give them a message in some way that they are not apposed to do such a thing as it unnecessarily provokes the people here as if they are already doing a correct thing. Our Govt should give them a note of displeasure actually.
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