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    Kanavane Kann Kanda Deivam (Husband is the visible God)

    In olden days, wives respected their husbands. To a wife, her husband is God, a visible God. This has been portrayed well in many films. Especially a film named "Kanavane Kann Kanda Deivam" starred by Gemini Ganesh and Anjali Devi.

    Do our modern ladies treat their husband as God? Why this great change from the past days to present days? Who is to be blamed for this great change?
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    Pathiyaa pratyksha daivam (In Telugu) is for words but in real words, nobody will follow this. Especially in the Modern days as women who fight for equal rights with men and empowerment of women, it is not possible. Even these days if somebody is like that it's a miracle.
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    Do our modern ladies treat their husband as God? Certain;y not because they are also equally educated and got the wisdom to manage the life and family with much elegance and gusto. Some female life partner are more educated than their husband and probably that egoistic thought would make them to go against the wishes of their husband. Why this great change from the past days to present days? Because the society is changing and the people are watching what is happening around us and try to know more about the same to have full control of the husband. Who is to be blamed for this great change? The society need to be blamed because through social media all bad tips are given as to how to keep the husband under toes and how to tame him for the wrong doing and so on and that makes the modern wife one step ahead of old era.
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    Why husband is a visible god? Who spread this message that husband should be regarded as god. Apparently,,the author means to assume him as god literally but I think it should be taken metaphorically, however, I don't take it even metaphorically.

    Anyways, the fact is that society has been elevating him as a god to his woman. Reason seems to be 'monopoly of patriarchal system of society.' But now time is changing. In some section of society man is the victim of women's atrocities. They are taking revenge from Man. Police, law, even Man is on women's side against man.
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    Traditionally, in our culture women always considered the husband as something special above her and more powerful in all respect and husband was also happy and able to provide whatever she wanted. This was the main thing that make the men as God like in the eyes of women who were living in the four walls of the house. With advent of education and women lib movement things started to change and a woman was earning herself and was not dependent on the men or more specifically on her husband. So the financial freedom gave her the new status and she need not to request for anything to the husband. The husband who was a buffer medium there to get every thing done for her has lost his position and when one loses his position he does not stand to be treated like a God. So, it is a normal thing that happened in the passage of time.
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    In many societies and in many countries across the world, the husband is still treated as God. In earlier times it was an unwritten law that husband is like God and is to be respected in that fashion and women at that time happily abide by that as there was no consequence also of that respect and devotion. It was a normal thing. Women worked in the house and men went out to earn a livelihood and provided food, shelter, and other facilities to the women and the children. It was a system which was there for thousands of years and there was no problem in that for anyone. There was no voice of resentment either. Suddenly the civilisation started to rise in steady paces and things started to change in all the areas including the dominance of men over women. Today we are still going through that process of civilisation progress only and in coming times we can expect a greater equality between the two genders than what we have today. So the question of treating husband as God vanishes slowly in that process of progress of the society as a whole.
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    In Telugu also such films came in which husband has been treated as a visible God. In olden days ladies were not coming out of the houses. They were confined to the four walls of the house. Whatever they want they have to ask the husband and whatever he says was to be followed. So there was no other way to them.
    Those days ladies were of the opinion a lady should be obedient to her husband always. They used to believe that God will be on their side if they respect wife.
    All these are created by Men and they want to protect their supremacy always. In that pursuit, they used to always advocate rules and regulations which will be supporting men.
    But present days the situation is completely different. Ladies also are active in all areas. They are going out and earning equally with men. So I think Men of these days should not expect such behaviour from ladies.

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    Yet, there are many old ladies who treat their husbands as their visible God. They had lived a lovely life with their Godly husbands. Still, they are hale and hearty. They are very faithful to their hubbies.

    I have seen one of my relative ladies who never spells the name of her hubby. Her hubby's name is 'Subbu". Uppu means salt in Tamil. She won't pronounce the word Uppu in Tamil, because her hubby's name ubbu is in it. What a great respect to her husband!

    In the future, we won't find any such couple living on this earth.

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