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    Abort bad friends moving around you

    There are vested interests among the so called friends who have the ulterior motive to enjoy your time, space and also the money and then move off as if we are indebted to them to spend for their leisure and pleasure. Such one sided friends are the nuisance to our life and they cannot sustain our long relationship. By the way why should you spend on someone who never came to help you nor interested in your welfare? Better to keep off such so called friends who seems to behave like flies when the sweet is seen more to eat.
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    The author has posted a very helpful tip to be away from selfish friends in our lives. We should be very alert in this matter. Sometimes in friendship we know that the particular person is selfish but due to our modesty we fall in trap and are not able to refuse to him for the favours he is asking and that is the biggest mistake we do. When that person has a selfish motive then why we should be sentimental about him simply because we had some good relations earlier. We have to develop a strong feeling in us so that we can dismiss such friends outrightly instead of delaying and giving them more chances to improve. Once you dismiss them then immediately they will show their true colour and that will prove that they were not the genuine ones.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We are basically gregarious in our nature and want company to share and enjoy the fun of life. That is why we search a some like minded people and then have friendship with them. Everyone does like that and life becomes an enjoyable journey along with these friends. Problem comes when a person has some hidden agenda behind the apparent friendship and that is the starting point where doubts and other considerations start rising in our minds about the genuinely of that person. What is in his mind and what does his intention, these things start to trouble us and then comes the final blow when we find that one fine day he simply deceived us in one way or other. It is not easy to identify these crooked people so easily because their apparent behaviour will not give us chance to understand about their mean minds. With experience only we will be able to judge them and avoid.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is right and I agree with him. There are many people around us who attract or are attracted to us as friends but truly they are not friends but they want us ti spend our money on them or they have sone other motive which brings them closer to us. We should recgonize these false friends as they don't stand by us when we need them. As are with us as long as their reed is not fulfilled and when they see we are not entertaing them or when we stop ourselves to do what they want, they leave us and begin to hunt othet prey.

    It is better for to be friendless than having such selfish friends.

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    "Friend" is a very loosely used term by many people. We come across some people in day to day life whom we like and interact with frequently. We consider them as friends. In fact, they are all acquaintances but not friends. After some time we may lose contact with them due to various reasons and the contact with them almost comes to an end. In a friendship where both the persons accept each other with all their virtues and vices. The bondage between friends is for life long. They may not be contacting or meeting with each other frequently but the friendship remains intact. The author is probably talking about acquaintances but not real friends. I do not think there will be a good friend and a bad friend. Differences may creep up between friends but they get solved as each of them accepts the other wholeheartedly. A friend is forever.
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    Nice thread by the author explaining the crux of friendship. We come across to many people in a day, talk with them and even share a cup of tea but they can not be all friends.
    Friends always share with you a good time in every situation. They don't leave us alone even in the most difficult situation. Friends always give positive feedback and leave a great impact.
    Everyone can't be our friend, people at times, misinterpret essence of friendship and fall into the trap of selfish people.

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    Such friendship would exist only when we are children, and youth before marriage. After our marriage, we won't find such useless friends who live on our earning. They get vanished after our marriage. It would be better to abort such friends that we have. After marriage, more weightage should be given to our life partners than the friends of the past.
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    When there is water in the well or pond, many frogs will come there and live. But when there is no water no frog will be there. Same is the case with friends and relatives. When they need you and when they feel you are rich enough to take care of them they will come and take your help. But the moment they feel you are of no more use, they may just avoid you. We need not help such people. Instead of helping them if we help a poor man who is in problem will be grateful to you forever.
    My grand father was a rich man. He had 10 acres of land and a government job Many of his relations used to approach him for help and he never denied. By the time he was sixty all his lands were sold of and he started living only on his pension. But no person came to help. Many people who got help from him also ignored him.
    So I strongly feel that we need not help undeserved people and waste out time and wealth.

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    We need not be confused with the behaviour of a man coming in our contact recently and there exists a difference between a friend and such acquaintances. Friendship can be developed over a time after the close scrutiny. Some persons would be very cordial initially but their ulterior motives are exposed within a short period. This may happen that their hidden agendas are not fulfilled and they finally depart from us. We should not be perturbed with their such behaviours and their departure should be treated as welcome move. However, sometimes such people are so obstinate and rude that they hardly leave your company. That will be an unfortunate case and then this would require a stern action to be taken against such people.

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