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    Divide and rule policy in office, would you tolerate?

    When the management has delegated the responsibilities and task to the staff down the line the managerial level persons have the high hand to chose and give selected works to those who are their close confidents and enjoy the trust. But during that process the divide and rule policy is also invoked to see that the competition between the employees hots up and there is see saw relations between them so that the work gets quicker than expected. How do you react to such kind of situation faced at your work place and how you cope up?
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    A good manager should not adhere to these mean tricks as there are other ways also to motivate and encourage the employees to give better productivity. Creating misunderstanding and confusion between the employees just to rule them in a hope to not let them unite is a cheap tactics. Today we are working in a business environment where there is cut throat competition in the market and companies are vying with each other for the market portion for making a profit and main thrust is on customer satisfaction and quality of the product. In such an environment dividing the employees and having selfish interests will not help in the overall growth of a business organisation. Office politics to some level will always be there but cheap things would ruin the organisation and a manger must be cautious in his approach while motivating and encouraging his people for the betterment of the company.
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    This is a common practice in offices and it is not a good one in long run. Managers have the responsibility to get the task done quickly and efficiently and to get that done they resort to divide and rule and create a competitive environment to get the desired output.

    Manager may get the task accomplished but it actually proves detrimental in long run for the organisation as well as employees. Such tactics are just the most easy one and for the same reason they are adopted by managers, although there are many other ways of getting work done from employees and that requires more effort from manager himself and they don't take that pain.

    As time passes not the manager/senior gets exposed to his juniors and lose respect which they otherwise command due to their position.

    It is very difficult to avoid your seniors but to cope with such tactics one need to maintain a cordial relationship with colleagues and employees of same level. Competing in a healthy way will pave good growth options for future rather than falling trap to managers wishes. Manager who resort to such tactics will only promote his favorite employee and no other, no matter how much better the other employee performed.

    So don't fall in trap of such politics and focus on your work only. If you cannot change the manager you can always change the organisation if you have a good command over your work.

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    Divide and rule policy works in all walks of life The author has written how a manger use this trick keep division among his staff and how to cintrol them as well. This divide and rule policy can be observed everywhere and staff beibg the part of this trick can do nothing except helping gus services to this cause. You may dislike it but mostly it us necessary to break the unity. It's said that britishers would use tgis policy to divide the people to diffuse possible danger against their rule. All those who want to have their control over people always use this weapon whether it's a manger or a politician. But difference between both of is that a manager affects his office only whereas a politician affects major part of society.

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    If a boss is having und, er him two officers of the same level, the boss never wants the two to be united. He wanted them to be separate. The subordinates know this and they will also try to be good with the boss so that he will recommend them for better increments and promotions. So the boss will have an upperhand.
    He will try to get information about the moments of one officer from another officer. Thus he will be getting all the information about both. Finally, he will be in good books of his top boss. This I have seen in many organisations.
    If it comes to workers if all the workers are united they will have an upper hand and management has to act to the tunes of them. So they will promote some selfish worker to start a second union so that there will be always opposition among the workers and the situation will be exploited by the management. This situation will be very good for management.

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