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    Children teach us to be good human

    Small children are little angels in a family. They bring happiness and peace. These innocent members of every family are so cute that we forget our all worries and tension if we are troubled by any problem. Their little naughtiness has charm and attraction which soothes our heart and become a source of happiness. They teach us how to live with love. They don't know what enmity is, they quarrel each other and next moment they foget what happened a few minutes ago.
    When a child begins to grow as adolscent he brgins to understand what enmity, hatred, grudge and all ill traits are and it is the world of adults who teach them to have enmity with fellow companions and when they become adult they become like us.Would that we were like children- prefect innocent, the perfect human.
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    In our house, we have a small room with an attached bathroom. Our servant maid asked that room for staying and we have given to her at no rent basis. She has two kids. They come down and play with my granddaughters. When I see them, I feel very happy that they never think of the differences in their standard of life but mingle each other. I feel all elders should also learn from them. Elders show a lot of difference in treating low-class people. We are all human beings. That should be kept in mind always. Whenever my granddaughters and those children play together I remember this.
    Children don't have any egos and they don't bother about the financial position or colour of the skin or any other points. As they grow their thinking will change and they learn many points from their elders. But I feel the elders should learn from the children and try to treat everyone equally.

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    Children are lively and joyful and they don't divide the persons on the basis of colours or on the basis of cast differentiation. They later on change their temperaments when they see that their elders have different kind of concepts and thinking regarding the status of men, societies and otherwise. In fact, the children are noble and kind hearted and rather we should learn from them how cordiality between two persons can be maintained. They behave like angels in their tender age but unfortunately we can later see marked change in their behaviour due to interference of their seniors. They begin to behave in some different ways and for this their seniors are responsible for changing their pure heart to impure one.

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    In Tamil there is a old beautiful song which goes like this " Kuzhandayum Deivamum gunathal ondru" that means the children and God have the same character of great behavioral appreciation as they do not know the evil plans, revenge, hatred or enmity. They like and play with all just because everyone spends time with them. But some small children could able to gauge and understand those from their handling style and if any discomfort they would not stay with that person in their hands , shoulder or lap. The children are the avid face recognizer and would not easily go to the hands of strangers and thus prove that they have great probing and understanding abilities. One thing is sure every child makes us laugh, forget our stress and challenging situations and by spending few minutes with them we are totally refreshed.
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    Children are beautiful souls with an innocent heart and soft emotions. This thread reminded me of an old incident when my son was around 4 years old. We were sitting and gossiping with the family. One of my cousins shared an incident of his hostel life when they went on a trip. There they got a chance to see a big mango farm. The trees were full of mangoes that they could not resist themselves and jumped inside through the wall. They plucked so many mangoes and then suddenly the caretaker of the farmhouse noticed them and shouted. Then my son started crying and when I asked, he said, "Kisi ki cheezon ko bina puchhe nahi lena chahiye na, uncle sad huye honge na (We should not take other's belongings without their permission, uncle must have become sad".

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    Children are very cute and interesting to tackle. They do not remember things and would laugh on anything. They are so because the have not learned the ways of adults. Once they grow up, they also become like others and then there is a big change in their nature.
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