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    Do you think aggressive or soft people will excel in Indian politics?

    By nature, people are different kinds. Some people by nature are soft and dignified in their nature. Some people by nature are very aggressive and rough in nature. If you take the political field, usually aggressive and harsh type of people is required according to the present political situation. But usually educated people, like leaders with soft-spoken and decent in their behavior. In the past, we have seen soft leaders like Nehru, Lal Bahadur Sastry, Rajiv Gandhi, Vajpayee, Morarji Desai, Manmohan Singh, Pranav Mukharjee, etc. who excelled in politics and people liked them very much. Similarly, we have seen aggressive leaders like Indira Gandhi, Modi, Amit Shah, Advani, etc. According to you which type of leaders most likely to excel in politics?
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    In politics, leaders who can act according to the situation will excel. When they should be soft and when they should be rigid is to be known to them well. If you take the example of Lal Bahadur Sasty, he is a down to earth person and he is very soft and polite. But when the situation demands he used to behave very stubborn. He was a very successful leader.
    Indira Gandhi was a strong leader but she is very soft with poor people. She never behaved rudely with such people. She helped them a lot. But she is very adamant and declared an emergency when there was a problem in the country. Like that, I feel leaders who can show all types of emotions as required will only come up.
    But selfish people are very dangerous as leaders. Present-day majority of leaders are selfish. If a selfless leader try to be a little strict , the other leaders never cooperate with him.

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    This is a wrong conception. A leader is one who is capable of taking people along with him. Lal Bahadur Sastri was a soft type of person and he was able to take the country along with him. Gandhiji is also a soft person. We all know how people believed and followed him. People may think that the present dispensation is bold, harsh and that is the reason why it is on the rise. The leaders who do not listen to people and who do not serve all sections of people equally will pay a heavy price.
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    Those leaders who are soft in words and hard in actions are popular but aggressive and hard don't get popularity among masses.

    In modern age 'a smart liar' is the quality of a good leader and the amazing thing is people like lies of their leaders.

    As far as strong leaders are concerned I think three leaders can be considered as bold and brave.
    Lal Bahadur Shastri
    Indra Gandhi
    Sonia Gandhi (Man Mohan Singh)

    Lal Bahadur Shastri did not accept the proposal of the US government during the 1965 war

    Indra Gandhi sent an army to Bangladesh to liberate from Pakistan.
    Also, she refused to meet President Nickson when she was in the UN general assembly.

    Sonia Gandhi (ManMohan Singh) deprived US embassy staff including Ambassador of their special rights when an Indian embassy officer was mistreated by police in the US.

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    According to me the politicians with new thinking power, aggressiveness, and understanding the very need of the hour are the best leaders the country want and we cannot give the powers to those at the helm and yet fail to take decisions because the party high command wants amends or completely change or put the decision for hold. Now we have the government of performers, decision takers at right time, and the thought of bringing far reaching changes is the great trait to which this government has been functioning and thus wholesome support pouring in. Many decisions taken by this union government were first of its kind, rare, and cannot even be thought by others in the chair during previous regime and thus the voters , people feel that they want a performing government and not those who have to wait for even small changes.
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    The importance of a political leader lies in the work and performance and not much in behaviour. The behaviour of a person is a personal trait and entirely personal matter and that manifests in his outward character. What people are interested from a leader is who can do welfare to a large number of common people specially who are below the poverty line. That is the yardstick by which their behaviour is judged.
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    Different people have different degree of aggression and it depends on ones bringing up and hereditary characteristics also. It has no connection with ones political career. Both type of people can be successful in politics and each characteristic is having its own pros and cons. Excelling in politics requires lobbying and marketing. You have to create your followers who will be benefited in one way or other, when you come in power. That is the primary requirement. The person who wants to excel in the political arena has to be very cordial and soft with the people but if required he has to be shrewd and ruthless in treating the opposition. So a politicians should have all such qualities and he should be able to change with the circumstances quickly in accordance with his hidden or apparent agenda in the background. Quick change and accommodating with it is one thing without which one cannot survive in the field of politics.
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