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    They are returning their medals. Will they return and refuse to accept their pension?

    I read in newspapers that the veteran soldiers from Punjab turned farmers after their retirement are returning their medals to show their protest against the farm bills. A medal is awarded for their service rendered. Certain medals have cash awards too.

    Is it right for the veterans to join the farmers and return their medals? (Medals can be bought from the shops or manufactured again)
    Will they return the cash received along with medals from the government with interest accrued?
    Will they forgo all the privileges given to the medal holder?
    Will they return their pension they received so far (with interest) and deny the pension in the future?
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    The report of "The Hindu" mentions that veterans of the Indian Army plan to sacrifice the gallantry medals received by them for the repeal of the Farm Laws enacted by the Government of India. It seems they have already collected 5000 gallantry medals to return them to the Government and more on the way to be returned.
    This is a form of protest and there is nothing wrong if they want to return them. Most of the retired soldiers are from the farming community and they have taken this decision to support the ongoing agitation against the farm laws.
    These are the people who come from families whose children were martyred in the service of the country. They should not be belittled. The pension they are receiving as a right from the Government for the services they rendered when they were active in the army. The medals are given a token of appreciation. The medals are no doubt manufactured in a workshop but they were given by the Government of India.No one should try to degrade the value of the gallantry medals. Questioning that whether they will return the pension is not good. They have a grievance and asking the Government to do justice. Let us not enter into their internal matters just as we do not want other countries to interfere in our country's internal matters.

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    Nothing happens if a person returns a medal or certificate that was awarded to them. It is not a way to protest. It is an insult to the medal/award/certificate received by them. A Jawan supporting a farmer should not return a medal that he received for his hard work and dedicated service to the nation. The government cares every veteran soldier for the rehabilitation. They give resettlement training. They allot government jobs.

    Government won't feel it. They would simply ignore it. Government doesn't lose anything . The medals would see the dustbin kept in the government office.

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    Medals are the symbols of their dedications in the enrichment of the societies with their unique services. Hence it is a kind of reward of their selfless devotion and in course of their protests they are taking such steps. These people are trying to impress the government that the steps taken by the governing body needs to be reviewed. This is nothing but a kind of silent protest. This should not be clubbed with the matter of pension since such payouts are due to their involvement in their past service and to have this after retirement is the legal right. In a democratic like ours, returning the medals should be treated as their annoyance and nothing else other than this.

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    It is not just the medal alone. The Government has provided many facilities to the veterans, like free land, free housing, free electricity, concession in job vacancies, concession to children education, CSD Canteen facilities, liquor facility etc. Can these privileges be sacrificed or returned? Simply returning the medals won't be that effective. It is a stupid act. Just raise your hand and be a farmer in support of the protest. That would suffice. They should not go to the extent of degrading or insuslting our defence forces which gave them life.
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    That is very bad behavior on their part as the government has done its duty to honor them for the service to the nation and by returning medals they proven to be anti nation for many reasons. As asked by the author they should surrender all the fame and decoration during the service and even the salaries and pension drawn so far should be surrendered to prove their solidarity with the farmers. But that seems to be over reaction from them as the government is ready for talks and certain amends but the agitating farmers wants the bill totally cancelled and that is too much asking.
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    Returning medals is not in a good taste and is a type of insult to our national pride. A few years back similar thing happened when agitating against the 'intolerance' issue some people return their Padma Shri awards to the Govt. Later they felt that they did not do a good thing as it simply degraded those persons rather than the Govt. We must understand that Govt is an entity of people elected by us and if we are not happy with them we would remove them in the next elections. Public has all the power with it but returning medal will not help in anyway except to make some glamorous news in the media.
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    There are different ways to protest. This is the way these people selected. Why they selected this method is not known. They have no enmity with the nation. But they have enmity with the government. If they are giving back their medals, there is no loss to the government. But it is not in good spirits. No doubt they did a lot of service to the nation for which they deserve all types of appreciations But we can't digest such actions from such matured people. They may support farmers but they might have gone for a different way of protest and that might have given good support to the movement..
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    "The medals would see the dustbin kept in the government office."

    SuN, your this remark is literally disgusting. You mean when these medals were given to these soldiers were a symbol of honour for the government but when the same medals are returned, the government has no honour for these awards.

    Rest what you have written in your posts shows you are confused between reward and award. Their pension or other benefits are their rewards for their services which are guaranteed as per law/rule and awards are given for special service.

    Whether or not they return their awards is their personal matter. Does this step of theirs affect government or not, I have nothing to do with it.

    Why are you so worried?

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    A medal is awarded to a person by the Government in recognition of valuable service rendered by him. In the case of a soldier, he might have put his life at risk in the service to the country. A soldier for that matter any awardee cherishes it. They are prepared to return the award means they are hurt by the action or inaction of the Government and want to return the ward to the Government to show their solidarity with the cause for which they are fighting or supporting. The Government should take it seriously and try to solve their problem as early as possible. If someone who does not know the value of such an award makes some irrelevant comment, it is a shame on him. The Government is for the people by the people. If the Government does not listen to the very people for whom it works, what is the point of having such a Government? If the Government throws the returned awards into a dustbin, is it not a shame to the Government?
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    What would the government do if 25000 veterans return their medals? Will they receive it and store it in the storehouse. Remember, all the medals awarded are held in records. Government never takes back the medals awarded. It is the responsibility of the recipient to preserve it, not to return it or throw it. It is an idiotic decision to return them to the government. If returned, Government would consider withdrawing all the privileges given to the medal returnees.

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    A soldier serves the nation and Governement honours them for thier service to the nation. Now, if they return the medals to the Government it would be an insult to the nation and not the Government.

    So, there is no meaning to such award returning. In the end, a soldier chose the forces for honouring and protecting the nation and not the Government. All this reaction will only harm them and not the Government. If they receive pension and other benefits then that too is for their service to the nation, here again Government is just a medium. Returning medal or giving up pension is of no use to them, if they wish to support the agitation then they must find better means to do so.

    Anyway the agitation has been hijacked by so many other anti-national elements that it doesn't seem like a farmer agitation but a drama. Farmers are being used and they don't even know it.

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    Sun, you have responded to your query at #717669. Returning medals is different from refusing a pension. While a pension is what is earned for the services rendered, a medal is a reward for a particular activity (during a period) and that makes the difference.

    And your response at #717682 is really disgusting. If veterans are enjoying certain privileges they deserve that. If an MLA or MP can enjoy free services just because they were so for just five years, why can't the veterans in uniform? You need to respect the men and women in uniform and their services.

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    The veteran farmers try to return the medals because the medals have no money value and doesn't fetch anything worth. It is only a decorative ornament to fit in uniform. If they really go against the government and favour farmers, they should deny their pension that they won't do.

    Without service, one cannot earn pension, and without any service one cannot get a medal too. Pension is valued and useful, and medal is not valued and useless.

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    Sun, no comments. Just that you do not know the value of a medal. I feel so sorry for you.
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    Many people are observing this agitation and there is a general feeling based on the evidence that there are a few farmers in the crowd but there are more supporters and elements who have some hidden agenda behind creating this disorder. Suppose, Govt announces that police or army will check the credentials like Aadhar card and address proof of the farmers along with their identity and land records and only they will be allowed there and others will be jailed then I think 90% of the crowd there will be in jail. So, this is being created by some notorious politically motivated people who have nothing else to do in their lives except to destabilise the present Govt and come to power. We have seen many such agitations in the past which are politically motivated ones and there is no sincere feeling for the development of farmers. If that was the feeling then why farmers were not made prosperous in those 70 years after independence. People will ask this question.
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    This is agitation by the farmers against the three Farm Laws enacted by the Government without much discussion. When there is agitation many people gather to watch it or support it. Those who sincerely support it also may be sitting with them to show their solidarity with the farmers. These people are on the roads for more than two weeks during this wintertime day and night. The main point is the demands of the farmers and how they are to be solved. On what basis one can arrive at that 90% are outsiders not farmers?
    The vested interests against the farmers agitation are making all sorts of allegations. The ruling party leaders are making all sorts of comments calling them Khalistan suppoers etc. and trying very hard to create differences in the farmers. What happened in the past 70 years is not under debate. What this Government is going to resolve the problem shoud be the priority. The Government should take it seriously and try to resove the problem as early as possible.

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    This protest is Changing into a serious threat for the government. They have started hunger-sit-in too. As per ground reporting by some youtube news channels people accross the country are joining them.

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    "Anyway the agitation has been hijacked by so many other anti-national elements that it doesn't seem like a farmer agitation but a drama. Farmers are being used and they don't even know it."
    @Manoj Chaurasia: Thanks a lot for this information but this question comes in mind if our government was having meetings with anti-nationals?

    Will you be happy to know that 23 anti-nationals have died because of cold.?

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    I know the value of a medal and also have many medals and cups. I will never think of returning or throwing the medals that is awarded to me, though they don't fetch me any money. It is my life long possession until death. Certain awards and rewards remain with us even after death. There are people who even cannot recognize the medal they are wearing. For them, it is only a decorative piece. They would return it or throw it or ignore it.

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    Response #717855 and #717857 seems like you are feeling very happy that the agitation escalates and no resolution is found. Is there something personal you have against the Government?

    I don't ever wish that anyone should die in a peaceful agitation but you have actually mentioned that such number of person should die due to cold winter and Government should be blamed for it.

    Calling salt as sugar will not make it salt, it's just the short sightedness that has no cure. You are welcome to wish the worst for farmers and wish the best for those who are misusing the agitation to promote their agenda. Hats off to your myopic vision.

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    A good citizen of any country should first obey the government. Say yes first, and then try to say No with due justification and explaining the problems to the government. Take up the issue in a peaceful manner. If everything fails, go for a protest. Have a talk and accept proposals and suggestions.

    Returning medals, shouting slogans, personal attacks on leaders won't do good. Slogans like "M..i mar Jao" etc are not welcomed.

    We should respect our government without which country cannot run. Government is supreme.

    We should be happy that we are a democratic nation, not a nation under a dictator like Hitler.

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    A good Government while making laws for a particular section should take the stakeholders into confidence, discuss with them, and considering all the suggestions, make the law. No such thing happened. The farmers were raising objections since these laws were made. The Government was not ready to listen to them at that time. Only when the agitation was intensified the Government is saying it will talk to them. It is almost three weeks and there are no serious efforts to solve the issue. The leaders of the ruling party started making baseless allegations that they are anti-national etc and started verbal attacks on the agitating farmers. Some people took to social media and other platforms to spread fake news that the agitating farmers are insulting the national flag using old unconnected pictures. All these had an adverse effect on them. The retired soldiers in the farming community wanted to return the medals. That is how they wanted to show their solidarity with the agitation. No one can question their choice of protest. It was their decision. Certain clauses in the law for contract farming are really questionable.

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    We have a government with majority. Even after any discussion, if called for a voting, the ruling party would get the majority to win and implement the laws. They have an advantage. Opposition parities would oppose, resist and sit. Nothing can be done by the minority opposition. Why waste time in discussion when we know the party in government would win, pass the bill, and implement the law?
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    I would like to add that as per the fact checked there are no award returning by any army personnel and add to that there is only 2048 Shaurya Chakras given to army personnel since 1956 to 2019. How come 5000 are returning their medals itself is a doubtful news. News is just spread to create pressure on Government and that nothing else. Even news is coming that many are coming from all over the country to join the protest and blah blah blah.

    Those who wish to oppose the laws are free to do so but first of all they must ask their own consciousness as to what they are opposing and those who are supporting them.

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    There are gallantary and non gallantary awards which has a place in the medal list. Medal doesn't mean only Surya Chakra, a gallantary award for bravery. We have Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Param Vir Chakra as gallantary awards. All defence personnel in uniform get their medals after completing certain years of service viz 9 years long service medal, 20 years long service medal, and Meritorious Service Medal . For being in service during the war they have Sangram Medal for (1971 war), Operation Vijay Medal (Gargil war), and for serving in a particular zone/area viz. Poorvi star, Pachhim star. And officers have medals like VSM, AVSM, PVSM.

    There are countless medals. Every officer, soldier, sailor, and airman have some medals to wear.

    Returning of such medals won't affect the government. Even if the farmers say that they won't eat food, it won't affect the government. Ultimately the sufferer would be the farmer only.

    Farmers protest is like dashing against a rock.

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    Reality is that this protest is not good for farmers, nor for common people. I want to see this protest to come to an end soon.
    But standoff is still continued. Government has offered to do amendment but farmers are not ready to accept amendment, rather, they are dmemanding to revoke the laws. If this situation continues that neither government revokes laws nor farmers accept amendment how long this protest will continue and what shape, turn, twist it will take, can't be predicted but surely, situation will worsen. I wish to see an amicable solution of this standoff at the earliest.

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