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    Contenders for the Chair in Tamilnadu - Who would grab the chair?

    Tamilnadu will be going for a poll soon. As of now, there are two top leaders in the ruling government with many opposition leaders, and with yet to be born leaders. It would be a tough fight between the parties. Who will make it to the chair?

    AIADMK - EPS and OPS
    DMK - Thalapathi MK Stalin
    AMMK - Chinnamma Sasikala with TTV Dinakaran
    DMDK - Captain Vijaykanth
    MNM - Ulaga Nayagan Kamalahasan
    (Yet to be named) - Superstar Rajnikanth
    BJP - Madam Kushboo Sundar
    And many other Thukda parties who would align with other parties.
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    I prefer Stalin for the post he will be apt for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister (DMK). If Rajanikanth's party won the Elections Rajanikanth will not be the CM of the state he said he will recruit another person (I don't know its election tactics or stunt). I have a big doubt about whether Rajanikanth will win the elections. If he penetrates my doubt and won the election then one more nonlocal become Chief Minister of TN.
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    With too many political parties on the race to grab power, none will have the majority and there would be a hung assembly. There would be horse trading to buy MLAs. I expect a worst situation after the polls.
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    #717671 I don't think such a situation arises In Tamilnadu Politics one time DMK and other time AIDMK only in the recent elections where Jayalalitha won two consecutive times and she died without completion of her second term. Even in the United Ap also one time Congress and one-time TDP but YSR marred the trend but died after that without completion of his second term. And the first cm of AP(after the formation of Telangana) is CBN from TDP and the next CM is Jagan from (YSRCP) because there is no congress and I think to analyze the previous election trends the next CM will be from TDP or (BJP+JANASENA+TDP) for AP.
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    If Kamalahasan(MNM )Vijaykanth (DDMK)and Rajnikanth (NEW) join hands, we can see a change in Tamilnadu politics. But all these guys are selfish to become CM and won't cooperate to plan a strategy to topple the Dravidian parties DMK and ADMK.
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    Earlier, in Tamil Nadu, we have seen that DMK and ADMK were coming in power almost one by one as both are having their own hold on the respective voters. But now with other parties also coming in picture this pattern may change and coalition might start.
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    AIADMK - EPS and OPS - they need to bury the difference and work for the success of party with BJP support
    DMK - Thalapathi MK Stalin - cannot cope up with uprising popularity of AIADMK in recent past.
    AMMK - Chinnamma Sasikala with TTV Dinakaran- Irrelevant party and no takers
    DMDK - Captain Vijaykanth- Is he really serious in the politics?
    MNM - Ulaga Nayagan Kamalahasan- He was a total wash out with no foresight at all.
    (Yet to be named) - Superstar Rajnikanth- if he wants success, he should sail with BJP
    BJP - Madam Kushboo Sundar- need to polish her political experience.

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    The coming election may be won by the DMK as per the Tamilnadu pattern. The AIADMK is not having a winning leader like the late Miss Jayalalitha. The Sasikala factor also may against AIADMK. Kamal Hasan and Rajnikant do not support each other. Khushboo and the BJP are not going to have any influence. It has to depend on AIADMK which itself is likely to lose.
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    With so many parties contesting in the elections predicting is a very difficult task. There is no chance for BJP. How many seats BJP is going to win is also not predictable. Then Rajanikant and Kamalhassan are also not having many chances as they have not made any impact in the politics of the state in the last one or two years. Sasikala and Vijaykanth are also standing very fewer chances. Then left with DMK and AIDMK. Generally in Tamilnadu one time DMK and the next time AIDMK will be coming to power. As such, I feel DMK is having better chances and Stalin may be the next CM in Tamilnadu.
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