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    People awareness is very limited though well educated

    Today I went to nearby voter id correction camp to get my application for changing my residential address. A well educated person came there to get his residence change correction. They asked proof on the changed address. He argued this and that without producing proof. He argued in high level English that as he is signing the necessary forms he would take the responsibility. Later an office bearer came from inside but simply told him that the process can be done only with paper proof and asked him to move from that place without arguing.
    By standing there for half an hour I could see there are different people. The public are seeing the Government only by parties and not as an administrative set up.
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    English is used as a tool to get a work done if any problem comes because generally people are impressed by this foreign language.Also I use English and surprisingly staff does the work. Speaking English means I'm an educated person. This person also used his ability of speaking English this is why senior officer came out of his cabin. But since it was not possible to get his work done so he was refused to get his work done.

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    Some people are like that only. They will complain that there is no system in the country and everything is ruined. But when we ask them to follow a system they will argue and fight with everyone. It is very difficult to teach these people good manners. They feel that they are the most knowledgeable and wise ones and people should accommodate with them. They should understand that simply speaking English will not help.
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    The person who was arguing might have shifted to that area in the recent past. He may not be having any proof of the new address. Probably that was the reason for arguing with the officers there. They should guide him as to what is to be done in the absence of valid address proof. In the Government offices, some officers do not have the patience to listen and solve the problem. They need to be taught how to deal with different kinds of that visit their office on some work or other.
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    True. We will find some such people. They never try to understand the point of the other person. But they go on arguing on their own points and never think about other aspects. That is very bad. A person will have some guidelines to carry out his responsibilities. He can't deviate or go our of his boundaries. The other person will never understand this. He thinks that work should be carried out as per his convenience. This attitude is causing problems to others also. The person who is working has to stop his work and argue. If a security guard checks us we should not get embarrassed. He is doing his activity. This is how we should understand the responsibilities of other persons also.
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    The author is right. Along with education, awareness is also the need for the system and society, as we often see people behaving like illiterate due to lack of awareness. Teachers and student groups should also come forward and contribute to bringing awareness. Due to the lack of special information or awareness in any field, many times we fall into such a situation, where we have to face many problems. Nowadays many institutions provide international level awareness to the students through certain types of activities.
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