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    Are there countries that offer freebies to their citizen?

    India is a country that the government provides many freebies to their citizen. We provide free rice in rationshops, we provide free food in schools, we provide free uniform, free cycle, free laptops, free chappals, free golden wedlock worth 4 gram to the newly married, and many other concessions.

    Private temples provide free meals to their devotees.

    Do you know any other country in this world that provides such freebies to their citizens?
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    Undoubtedly, Gulf countries give maximum freebies to their citizens e.g. in Saudi Arab, free housing loan to build a 3-4 story house with gate, lawn is given to homeless people and this loan isn't to be paid to bank. Free health services, if the patient is sent to aboroad for treatment government will bear all expenses and similarly free education even somone studies in a foreign university, all his expenses government will bear.

    As far as help from people is concerned. Rich people give in US their car, TV, furniture etc which they have dicarded and leave all these things on road at garbage dumping spot. If somebody wants to take, can take freely, else staff from local municipality will take all these things to get them crushed.

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    Such freebies are not like Indian freebies. Their freebies are limited. Whereas our freebies are in lakhs and crores. Just think about free TV to all houses, Free laptop to all the Higher class students, Free Uniform to all students. Free cycle to lakhs of students. We too have free education upto Plus Two. Have free health through health insurance.
    Saudi is an oil rich wealthy country. They make their citizens to sit and relax and enjoy life by employing Indians to work there.
    The united states rich throw away their Car TV and furniture after their use. It cannot be a freebie from the government.

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    I think Canada is giving lots of freebies to those who have the girl child and my sister daughter who was settled there even own the house thanks to largess given to her daughter and that's great contribution. Lots of the Indians have settled in that country and made that the permanent home. From KG to PG the girl child is given free education, free medical attention and many more. Even India is not giving that much fillip to the girl child and we must ape those facilities and extend the same in India. If Muslim countries offering freebies means they can afford and rich but not possible for other countries.
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    There are many countries other than India where some freebies are given to the people. Canada is one among them., Dubai is also famous. But India is the country where you will find many frees. This country is one and the only country as on date where so many things are given free to some sections of society.
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    It is true that in our country many such schemes are there from Govt side where freebies are distributed to the people. If Govt is doing it to help the poor then it is a good thing but it would make the people greedy and they will avoid to work more as freebies are already coming to them one by one. This has a political angle also because any Govt which does not give freebies will comparatively go down in the eyes of the common people who are habitual of getting freebies from the earlier Govt. So this may be a compulsion on the part of a new Govt to anyway give these freebies.
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    When it comes to distribution of freebies and providing basic amenities to the poor people I think India would be at number one and to some extent it is alright because there is no other way to help the poor who are being exploited in the hands of rich people. But this has also got a dark side as the people become dependent on these doles and then expect it more and more. Govt has actually a duty to create jobs and employment for the common people and then there is no need of the distribution of freebies to them. We have to make our people work and feel pride in earning money through national projects.
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