Why were these two threads started?

Two threads were started by Saba Alam or Amaira (both accounts must of be one user)
The question was asked about the best school in the gulf.

Global Indian International School, Dubai is mentioned in both posts. Interesting point is that Amaira asked this question and Saba Alam replied and wrote about this school as the best one.

In next thread, the same question was raised by Saba Alam and Amaira replied this post and she also referred the same school.

What was the purpose of these two threads if she wanted to introduce this school on the forum section, she could do it, but why the same question was repeated and the response was given by turn?

And both responses are declared as "Best response"

Thread started by Saba Alam and replied by Amaira

Amaira started this thread and replied by Saba Alam