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    Is it possible the Congress or Third front comes to power at the center when Modi is in politics?

    Some Congress Bhakts still thinks that Congress will come to power in the next elections they are writing on the boards and seeing every time they got defeated in the elections even Modi is ruling madly and badly. Is it possible the Congress or Third front comes to power at the center when Modi is in politics? I don't think so. Do you think on the same lines is still Congress party can come to power or they completely vanish from the country. Is there any future for the congress party? Even the Neutral people who have no alternative are joining and supporting BJP.
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    Everything is possible in politics in our country. The future of a party depends on its leaders and the public who select and elect their representatives. In 2004 BJP was expected to win but it did not. It tasted real success in 2014 only after fighting so many elections. Someday it has to go. It is for the people to decide.
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    We can't say anything now. But the chances for Congress or third front are very less in the coming elections. Congress is becoming very weak and not able to select a leader for them. They should concentrate on strengthening their party. But no efforts are visible in that direction. So for the next elections, Congress may not win. Chances for third front formation itself are very remote. Even all BJP parties come together also, they are not able to make an impression. Even in Hyderabad where TRS is very strong also BJP won a good number of seats. This is an indication that BJP is making roads in areas where there was no hold earlier.
    As on date, Modi is strong. But we don't know what happens after these five years. Next time also he may win but after that all depends on the mindset of the voter. Many new voters may get enrolled and how they vote can't be predicted now.

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    No five years. There are only 3 years left for this term Modi wants to go Jamili elections so there will be elections much before that.
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    We have a large number of people in our country who do not bother which Govt comes in power and they simply see that in which regime their pending jobs are done or managed. So, people are only bothered for their jobs, income, facilities and have no idea to compare the earlier Govt with the present one and find out as which one is better and vote for that the next time. It does not happen that way in democracy. Congress will simply wait and when the total number of dissatisfied people become more, they would cash the opportunity and run the country in the same way as they did for 70 years after independence. It is also possible that some other party emerges as one big party and congress can go to the background but if it so happens then many congress leaders will join that party and practically that will become a congress party only with a new name. People have a short memory and they will all forget the nice things done by BJP and will only remember the bad part in it as per their perception. Our country is a mix of all types of people and I am not surprised if BJP loses in election.
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    As I had been saying earlier, Congress is like a vehicle running with its fuel in reserve. It is like a sick man on the sickbed counting the last days to take a last breathe. Its head is not steady, its body is week, its leg have no strength.
    It cannot stand and face the bold BJP. What else to say! I feel pity over the Congress party and its poor leaders who cannot change their head.

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    None stays in power forever. Indeed, BJP is powerful. They know how to win elections. But how long they may continue this winning spree is an important question.

    Congress or third front will come back in power at centre, but when ?- it's difficult to say.

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    PM chair is not that easy to achieve and even think of by those who does not even have the public connect, not knows the aspirations for the people. Aspiring for PM post is there in many. Only yesterday there was pitch from the Maharastra that Sharad Pawar is the right candidate if the united opposition or the third front comes to power. Now India is in the limelight of the world achievements in many respects and the world leader see India is the great initiate nation and a marg dharshak for them. In this back drop I do not find any formidable leader to take on the knowledge , power of understanding the people and keep good relations with other countries. I am sure no one ever gone out reach to get the support of whole some countries against the overtures of China and thus Modi has to continue under compulsion and people would vote him only.
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    It is difficult to predict such a thing seeing the success and popularity of the present Govt but yes, in politics and political scenario anything is possible and we do not know when the minds of the common people will change and voting pattern will favour some other parties.
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    Only two days back there was a reach out from the TS CM KCR who met the PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah probably giving the ample signal that he wants to have patch for having failed to start and garner third front possibilities in last general election and now want to be with NDA bandwagon. His overtures has the meaning that BJP has become the alternate power house in Telangana and this is the time for him to make friendship because he knows that Congress is no where to recover and make presence in TS with BJP going strong in the recent past. Moreover there is good fight of words between BJP President Bandi Sanjay and TRS leaders on various issues and that proves that TRS was rattled over the recent surging of BJP and this also vindicates the fact that third front would be non started and none can challenge the PM Modi again.
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