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    An embarrassing situation for CBI

    It's for the first that CBI which investigates high-level criminal cases will be investigated by local police about the alleged corruption of CBI. Madras High Court has ordered that police will probe the case of 103 kg gold (amounting more than ?43 crores) missing from CBI custody. CBI pleaded the court that prestige of CBI will come down if local police investigate this case. The court said, "It may be an agni pariksha (trial by fire) for the CBI, but that cannot be helped. If their hands are clean, like Sita, they may come out brighter. If not, they would have to face the music."

    On the CBI Special Public Prosecutor asking for a probe by the CBI or National Investigation Agency instead of the state police, Judge P N Prakash said, "The court cannot subscribe to this view, because the law does not sanction such an inference. All policemen have to be trusted and it does not lie in the mouth of one to say that the CBI have special horns, whereas, the local police have only a tail."

    It is a highly embarrassing situation for CBI, the top class investigation agency of the country which probes high profile or serious cases. CBI has been considered as an impartial and an honest agency but now a big question mark has been put on the integrity and credibility of CBI.
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    This is a really embarrassing situation for the CBI. The Court did not accept their appeal to be investigated by another wing of theirs or the NIA was turned down by the Court. The CBI has lost all its regard in recent times. This investigation by the local police into the missing gold from the CBI chest will be quite embarrassing.
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    For the first time I am coming across the fact that the CBI which is known to be independent investigating agency without any black remark so far has to face the order of Madras High court to be probed in gold case. This raises many question that the CBI is also having corrupt officers who succumb to the greasing way of thwarting the case to further investigation and being the gold case, there seems to be personal motives in CBI officers and thus the case changed course. In fact we have to appreciate Madras High court which proved that nothing is more than the justice and who ever it be the case has to be investigated and truth known. Now the CBI has lost their face and even in Sushant Murder case, the CBI going slow for obvious reasons of political pressure and once again the credentials of CBI put to shame.
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    The Supreme Court of India in May 2013, commented that CBI had become a "caged parrot" speaking in the voice of its political masters. The same trend seems to be continuing now also. It had many black remarks and was not allowed to be independent by the political masters which made the Supreme Court of India to make such a comment.
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    Police is supposed to investigate all the cases anywhere in any department of our country and to that extent they are a powerful entity. When it is beyond police due to local factors or national importance then it is transferred to CBI which is an investigating agency at national level. No agency can investigate a case against itself and if the CBI employee or employees have done something wrong only police is there to investigate. So this is a strange situation but it is the reality whatever it is. Most of the people have in their mind a concept that CBI being an apex body cannot do a wrong thing. Similarly Supreme court being an apex body is also having same reputation and if these apex bodies err we feel shocked and hurt. Our national sentiments are shattered. So, enquiry will be there and whatever result comes we have to accept it.
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    Nobody is above law. A father has to behave like a father. Otherwise, his children will also never hesitate to teach him. Before doing a wrong deed one should think the after-effects and accordingly one should decide. Even police should not do any illegal works. If they do they will also be punished. A CBI officer doing a mistake is like theft by a security guard. CBI may be thinking that they will become a laughing stock. But if it is proved that they did the offence whole country will be ashamed of this and the confidence the country has on them will be proved wrong.
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    Corruption in CBI is like a fence eating its own crops. We have hope and trust CBI the highest investigating agency. If they go wrong and remain corrupt, how can we bring an end to corruption in our country? CBI officers should not be greedy, We need something above CBI, which can be SCBI (Superior Criminal bureau of Investigation). We can appoint foreigners as such an agency, as we don't trust our own people.
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    CBI is the supreme entity in deciding the criminal matters. Now this case would bring a new dimension as CBI cannot investigate its own case so other agencies like police will be in the front.
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    We should not take it granted that the agencies entrusted with the job of investigations will do it with the full spirit to nab the culprits. It is also applicable for Police, CBI agencies and even to lawmakers.,Though these departments are there to maintain law and order, there are a few officers even in this departments involved in corrupt practices.
    Hence we need not have full confidence on these agencies and we should give them the clean certificates. Time to time, there should be investigations of such departments so as that they don't go beyond the permitted law while doing their jobs.

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    It is good to note that there are some arrangements and mechanism through which the high handedness of some investigating agencies can be tamed and this is the classic example. While CBI has engaged in probing many police officers in the past it is for the first time this is happening in reversal. In fact we should be happy that wrong doers cannot escape the eyes of law and this way India is more secured and more connected to the new way handling the ulterior motives of some officers who might have thought that no one would be noting their overtures and thus caught on the wrong foot.
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    I want to add one important point to the thread that in our country the governance at lower level in various states has gone in an aberration because many local leaders and administrators are thinking themselves as supreme and doing whatever they want and hope that central Govt cannot do anything as there are political considerations behind every action in a democracy. For example in Bihar it took so long even for CBI to unearth the racket of agricultural fodder scam and after so much proceedings today the culprit the most important person of the state is behind the bars. So for CBI itself it is a herculean task to conduct these enquiries. For a small thing people say that it should be given to the CBI which clearly means that we have doubt on the integrity of local police and administration. How CBI will solve so many cases. Why at state level we are not able to decrease the criminal activities. This is a question which also requires thinking and pondering along with the current question where some irregularity is being found within CBI itself.
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    It is going to be an interesting case and we all need to wait for the final outcome. Suppose, if the local police are unable to solve the case then what is going to happen? There is no point in thinking that the premier investigating agency, CBI is spotless because it was termed as 'caged parrot ' by the apex court which KVRR has already mentioned in reply #717753. Whenever a state government is ruled by a party which is in opposition to the central dispensation, the party alleges that the centre is using the CBI to put pressure or to intimidate the state. This is going on for a long time and we have also seen a tussle between the top officials in the CBI not so long ago. Let there be a proper investigation by the state police first and according to its outcome, I am sure the Madras High Court will direct the next course of action.

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