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    Where is the science in Political Science?

    Yes, you are correct! I am trying to find out the sciences behind politics. Everything has a history attached to it. The language you are speaking now may be in existence for many years and may have some influence of other languages. In a particular region, a custom may be followed for more than a century and there is some unique logic associated with the practice of such custom. Likewise, I think politics came into existence when people started forming groups and thought of how important it is to protect their territories, though I am not sure about it. People found its importance and the subject of Political Science found its way in the curriculum. By looking at various political activities and the behaviour of the politicians I am unable to predict anything related to it. Politicians are most unpredictable and they easily switch sides whenever the need arises, though I wouldn't say everybody is the same.

    But if we look at the subjects in the science streams we will find there is definite logic behind every action. Whether it's Physics, Chemistry or modern subjects like Artificial Intelligence you will certainly draw some logical conclusion. But in case of politics, it's not possible yet the subject has a tag Science attached to it. Interestingly, the degrees and certificates in the domain of Political Science are awarded in the Humanities stream and not in Science stream. So, where is the science in the subject, any idea?
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    Aristotle was the first thinker who viewed political science as a science. Bodin, Hobbes, Rousseau, Bryce, Bluntschli, Garner, Leacock, etc. all accept this claim. But the majority of the writers call it both a science and an art. It is an art in the sense that knowledge of political science is not of theoretical significance only. On the other hand, knowledge of Political Science has practical value. Hence, Political Science can be called both a science and an art.

    It's not considered in science stream like physics, chemistry, biology etc because the majority of educationists don't consider it as science.

    But the fact is that as a subject it's an art but practically it is more than science which rules all countries of the world. Scientists who are experts of science call people of politics as 'Sir'

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    If you watch the politics with interest then we can see science in politics. The way the science of gravity of attraction is developed and achieved by politicians is made to be believed. They attract the people with their oratory skill of promises and then mises, but the people do come to them due of law of attraction. And the law of choosing the right ingredients for best results are also followed as once elected they stoop to the level of recovering all the past expenses through their cunning method of recoveries. And the law of using wrong chemicals for wrong results are also experienced when they lose in severe drubbing in elections.
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    Though Political Science does not provide any established theory of the next events as we have seen seen in the science subjects. On the basis of logical explanations, we would be in a position to arrive at some some results confirming the next happenings. This logical explanations are not applicable at least in the subject of Political Science.
    In this subject, we are talking regarding the behaviour of our politicians. Though their speech may attract us talking always for the welfare of the common men but their behaviour in the next moment is unpredictable due to their taking sides with some opposition leaders. In the past, they were rather critical of their approaches but now you may see the politician hugging a leader of other party. Here the theory of predictability of the leaders fails and hence we can say it is not the branch of science but rather an art to woo the voters during the election phase.

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    You believe it or not, yesterday I was thinking about the difference between politics and political science. Some universities are offering an MA in politics and also MA in political sciences. Then I have gone through the internet and did google search. and I tried to understand the difference.
    Political science is defined as a subject which deals with the composition and function of the country's government. But politics is concerned with the activities of the country's governance, with the aim of achieving and using power or authority.
    Political science is a science since it deals with a method and methodology of governance.

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    Some scholars coined the study of this discipline as Political Science and no one disputed that and it is going to be used in the same way now. Politics is everywhere. From our house to the Govt offices everywhere politics has a deep rooted presence. The whole game of power grabbing and becoming powerful is based on politics only. Without politics many things would not had been possible. There are many definitions of politics but none can express it in a few words or a few sentences because it is something to be felt and not something which can be scrolled down so easily by any creative writers. The practice of ruling a country in presence of so many problems and opposition is done through political science. At one side it helps in formulating the rules, regulations, and policies of the Govt and at the other side it sometimes finds ways to manipulate those rules for some vested or even community interests. So Political Science is a study of something which has multiple facades in its explicit representation misleading many gullible people and what they see is not what is happening in real terms. A wise and effective politician can change the minds of millions of people with one powerful political speech.
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    It is an interesting thread and the original person who coined this subject name might had done with some intention to give it some importance. But simply by giving a name with science word in it, does not make it a science. This is a subject under humanities and that is the reason why a M.A. degree is given to the successful candidates and not M.Sc. degree. The original nomenclature goes for ever.
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