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    Do you help co-employees to finish their tasks?

    In a office of many staff and decentralized work in progress with the delegated authorities given to each department, the work has to sync and pass on to other department and that chain should not stop. In some cases for the want of staff who are on leave or not able to complete the pending work the other department get affected by break in chain actions. In that case , Do you help co-employees to finish their tasks? In that case how far would you go to help them and what you expect as the reciprocation for the gesture done?
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    Many times employees have to extend their help to coworkers so that the work will be completed in time. If today I help one of my colleagues, he will help me when I need help from others. This is give and take policy. Today you have free space to accommodate some work from another person. But sometimes you will have your own commitments which are to be completed. In such times you can't stop your work and go and help him. But when there is a chance definitely I think all will extend their help.
    When it is teamwork, some members will be fast and complete their work whereas some will be a little slow. Such people may expect help. The other members of the team may extend their help so that the whole team will get the recognition. Otherwise for the sake of one or two people the whole team will get a bad remark.
    This will depend on the nature of the person who requires that help. If he is a good person and polite with his colleagues they may help him.

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    Yes, I do help my co-workers if we are working in a dependent chain sequence. It is always good to do the same as it makes you learn new things also. It improves the work environment by lowering the work pressure on all that eventually improves the efficacy of the employees. When I was new to my office, I was given all kinds of work but then one of my senior said, "Padmini, you need to learn the art of saying 'No' or you will be overburdened all the time." So, it is important to help others but then we should also understand that who actually needs helps.

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    I always help my co-worker and junior also. When we work in an office, it is very important for us to understand that all the employees working in the office are part of the office, so we are all part of each other, and by helping each other, we will all grow. Helping someone is of good quality. We cannot say much about the positive aspects of generosity. We all try to be the person that people always remember. It has always been observed that people who help others experience less stress, mental peace, and bliss. They feel more connected to their soul, with a satisfying life. Whereas the competition done with the wrong intention stresses oneself and others. Helping others can benefit everyone.
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    Many people are very friendly and kind hearted and help their colleagues and co-workers when there is a difficulty faced by them in completing a task in time or there is some big problem suddenly encountered in its execution. Everyone is not like that but I have seen some people who do it and they reciprocate it with each other and that gives them a confidence that yes there is someone who can help in such times.
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    Yes in order to raise productivity, we have to work in chain and any disruption in the system will result in the stoppage of the system and for that we have sufficient strength of manpower to complete the assignment in the scheduled time. We work in tandem keeping in mind that there should not be breakage of this system. Here again induction of a new employee not conversant with the procedure may be nervous or he may be somewhat slow requiring a backup so that working rhythm is maintained. Naturally some of us rush to help to such new entrant. While doing so, we get two distinct advantages- the first one being the restoration of the confidence of such an employee and the other one was no dislocation occurred in completing the job alloted for it.

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    Every employee is not expert in everything and at places he requires the help of others either in explaining as how to do the work in hand or directly helping by doing a part of it where the particular employee has stuck. So my experience is that as I was good in some scientific and academic knowledge aspects but was not doing well in the financial and auditing work so one of my colleagues always helped me in the latter category of work and in reciprocation whenever he had difficulties in the academic side I always helped him. So, it was a win-win situation and both of us were benefited. Management also likes the cordial and mutually helping employees.
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    Some co workers are slow and lethargic and because of them the sequence of works get affected.
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    We have to help our coworkers from time to time for the smooth functioning of the work. I was in the teaching profession, and many times I had to take other staff member's classes when they were on leave. Sometimes when any staff member was lagging in completing the syllabus, we used to take classes for some independent topics and help him or her to complete the syllabus in time. In factories also there will be a system of cooperation when the production gets affected. Of course, these days such incidents do not happen much as the management takes all precautionary measures.
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    Mutual cooperation is essential in a business organization. Helping each other is performed on individual levels. It's good to help others as you may expect help if needed sometime in future. But you can't help until you are free from your own workload. If there is no pending work on your table you should help others voluntarily.

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