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    Defect to the right pitch of detecting the mistake

    Some mistakes are made on our own and some are detected by others as we fail to notice the mistake either through oversight or not having the knowledge and thus committed the mistake. But we must explore the possibilities of understanding the mistake as to why it has happened in spite of our ways and means to avoid it. Therefore it is has become necessary to defect to the right pitch of detecting the mistake otherwise we may be committing the same mistake again and again. What is your take on this subject matter.
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    Sometimes we may commit mistakes due to ignorance or innocence. We may not notice our defects but others may notice and inform us. We should not neglect them. We should try to understand the issue properly and also try to know the reason for the mistake and see that it will not be repeated again. But if we ignore the same, we may commit the mistake again. That will not be acceptable. No one will appreciate a person if he does the same mistake again and again. Once in a while, a mistake may happen but should not happen repeatedly.
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    Interesting post raised by the author. Mistakes will happen time to time in our works and other activities in life. These are inevitable and even if a learned and knowledgeable person says that he never does mistakes, we should not accept it because every person on this Earth has done mistakes sometimes in his life. The important thing is that we have to analyse those mistakes as why they happened and what was the root cause that caused them. Until we find out that there will always be a danger of repeating those mistakes in our career sometimes later.
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    Mistakes are bound to happen while initiating a job but ensure that the same mistake does not occur next time. Our own circles can identify our mistakes and in the event of their detections, they apprise of the mistakes committed. We should show our courtesy at least in such situations. In fact from our own mistakes, we begin to learn how effectively we can perform our jobs free from mistakes. Hence on our part, it should not be taken so seriously but should take initiative to rectify the mistakes having cropped up in doing jobs.

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    There are simple ways to know what mistakes we have committed. First, we should recap all our steps concerning any assignement which we have performed and point out our mistakes and should critically analyze them. Second, is that if someone points out our mistakes we should ponder over thise pointed out mistakes. If we really have committed these mistakes, we should also pay thanks to tgis well wisher. As in this age very few persons can be seen as our well wisher.

    We should fix up our issues and rectify our mistakes in a positive way. And having a compressive analysis we should move on again.

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    If a person does not do mistakes then it is very clear and evident that he does not work. He must be an escapist. To err is human, it is no surprise. Mistakes happen as a routine in our lives and there is nothing to be alarmed by that. What is important is that we have to analyse each and every mistake by going to its depth and then devising remedial measures for correcting those deficiencies in our future endeavours. That is the correct way of managing the mistakes in ones life. The journey of life is always dotted with these mistakes through which we learn a lot of things.
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    If no mistake means nothing done. Interesting observation from Umesh.
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