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    Motivating educated youngsters to utilize every opportunity

    One really does not understand some youngsters. There are just commerce graduates from ordinary colleges. They are not from the best colleges and their knowledge of the business world is not up to the desired levels. Or sometimes, they are economics graduates.

    In at least three instances, when each of such graduates has got the BPO jobs on hand, they have bluntly refused to accept it, saying that it is "below their dignity". Their parents are sorry about it but are afraid to even advise them, as the boys are quite arrogant. They happily roam around on their bikes wasting their time. And spending their father's hard-earned money. Of course, their mothers are also employed and hence these boys do not understand anything.

    The parents should perhaps get them to interact with high achievers or with their well-informed teachers. On the contrary, I know of several rural-based BPOs, where the local graduates happily do whatever they are supposed to do. Many girls also bring in a replacement, when they quit their jobs after getting married. This is true of at least six BPO companies in non-urban areas, spread over three States. However, youngsters need to be told to pick up new skills even before they graduate. There is absolutely no other alternative.
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    Yes. There are some people who always live in illusions. One should think of getting into a job. It is never good for them to wait for a job and leaving an offer on hand. They should understand that a bird in the hand is two in the bush. The youngsters should understand the job position in India. They should know how many people are not able to get even that BPO job. They should join and start earning. As they put up some experience they can move to a better job.
    In rural areas, people are ready to work for fewer salaries also. They never think of dignity. I know many ladies who are working in small schools and earning very little money.

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    In todays circumstances and tough job environment telling a job below dignity level is an immature statement. There are no jobs available anywhere and people are struggling to get their livelihood. The students from rich and upper class families have many confusions in their mind and in fact they are not in a dire need of job as they are getting two times meals in their houses so easily. If their parents say that please go away and earn on your own and they would not support them then they will understand the meaning of dignified jobs as well as meaning of below dignity jobs.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Correct. The youngsters of present scenario should understand the country's economic situations. They, rather motivated through others, they can themselves engaged in available opportunities without waiting for a particular job opportunity. As the schools and colleges closed educated youths irrespective of gender can opt tuitions. I read many village youths started teaching either in a common open place or even house visiting. Paper selling, milk delivering like this there are so many opportunities but we should not see dignity. It is highly dangerous if the youth of present period spent their daily in idle as next batch passing outs are coming behind them or overtaking them.

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    It's not a strange thing on their part. These youngsters don't have any financial burden on their shoulders, this is why they are indifferent about these in-hand opportunities. Soon they will see the real face of life when they will be running after seeking a good job. I always advise young boys to engage themselves in jobs as it gives them big exposure,experience and confidence for future opportunities.

    If the author has any relation with them he should try to expound them why this job may bring them good fortune in future.

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    It is very unfortunate that we have not brought up the next generation in a proper way and they are not aware of many practical things that are to be learnt in this world for ones survival. If they do not know the value of labour and hard work in their lives then they will be missing the biggest lesson in their journey of life in which many situations will come when they will require practical knowledge only to face the obstacles or challenges. The youngsters are to be trained by the parents, teachers, and society in such a way that they become a meaningful citizen and not a burden on the country.
    Knowledge is power.

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